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Why Do Football Players Wear Visors?

player wearing football visors for eye protection

Football visors serve multiple key roles in football. Their primary purpose is to keep players safe. Another purpose is looking good – which is no less important for fashion-conscious NFL players.


Football players wear visors for several different reasons. Let’s see why.


Why Do Football Players Wear Visors?

Football visors were first seen during the 80s when players suffering injured eyes started wearing them for protection.


Today, youth and professional players opt for this protective gear for various reasons, including personal preferences.


Here are 5 reasons for wearing football visors.


Safeguards Eyes

Protection is the key function of wearing football visors. Certain players need visors to prevent further damage to their injured eyes. Others wear them to avoid getting an eye injury in the first place.


With a football visor there to protect your eyes, you will not get poked. This is vital since collisions can make such injuries possible.


Besides protecting eyes from other players’ fingers, visors can also keep your eyes safe from dirt tossed up when there are falls and collisions.


Prevents Other Players from Grabbing Your Facemask

When game intensity builds up, players can become increasingly rough. So if you are not wearing an eye shield, then there will be space for other players to grab that facemask. An eye shield or visor can prevent this from occurring.


No Fear

To give it your best in the field, you should be able to play without any kind of fear or apprehension. Of course, there is the natural fear of getting injured. And since eyes are so sensitive, they are highly vulnerable to injury.


Getting a visor on will shield your eyes and thus spur you on to play intrepidly.


Giving it your best in the game should not mean risking major injury, especially to your eyes. With the right defensive equipment like an eye shield, you can keep your body relatively safe while playing valiantly.


Styling Up

NFL, college, and youth players alike care about style. The visor can make you look more elegant and professional. When you look good, you will have better self-esteem and thus believe in yourself more. This could translate into better gameplay.


Due to this fact, many players choose to wear a visor with a distinctive hue. Dark tints are particularly favored.


Looking Formidable

Loading up on defensive equipment can make you look more formidable. Heavily armored soldiers and police officers look intimidating because they are not easy to take down and can thus put up a tough fight. Much the same applies to highly physical contact sports like football.


When you rock plenty of defensive gear, rivals know that you will be harder to tackle. They also sense that you will play dauntlessly since you will be far less worried about getting injured.


Here are some really good visors that you can buy for yourself or someone you care about who loves football.


Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays

You will have to face other threats besides big burly rivals when out on the field. There are also UV rays to think about. Thankfully, you can keep out the sun’s rays by wearing tinted eye shields with a good UV rating for ample protection against solar radiation.


Here are some of the best eye shields that you can wear today.


Nike Gridiron Eye Shield 2.0


There is a lot to like about Nike Gridiron Eye Shield 2.0. It is made from polycarbonate which is tough, clear, and shatter-resistant. These optics wrap around your eyes to protect them from all directions. The wraparound design also gives you a good unobstructed view of the field from all angles.


These lenses are surface treated to prevent glare and vision distortion.


Attachments at contact points help reduce the shock of impact, which might distort the visor’s shape. They also allow for a more comfortable fit.


Surface treatments have been applied to make them more resistant to fogging and scratching.


Under Armour Men’s Football Visor


Under Armor has engineered a fine eye shield that will care for your eyes when you are duking it out on the gridiron.


The lens is made from polycarbonate, which delivers heavy-duty protection without being too heavy. This material is also resistant to shattering.


Surface treatments are applied to bolster scratch and fog resistance.


EliteTek Football Facemask Visor


The nice thing about these high-performance visors is that they are available in a couple of eye-catching iridescent tints like black gold, clear yellow, transparent blue, and orange hue.


They are a great safety option for your eyes. They can also make for an awesome fashion statement that will make you conspicuous among the constellation of players on the gridiron. You will love the sharp and slick look they impart to your eyes.


The universal fit makes these visors suitable for professional, college, and youth players alike.


As you would expect, they rock state-of-the-art surface treatments for UV protection, scratch resistance and anti-fogging. Also, thanks to high-tech coating, these lenses have optimal light transmission, which helps keep glare under control.


Lenses comprise polycarbonate material which is highly resistant to shattering and impact.


Our Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the benefits, what to look for when buying one, and some of the class-leading football visors on the market, you are ready to pick one that best suits your style and needs.