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Why Do Football Coaches Wear Headsets?

NFL headset

Have you ever thought why do football coaches wear headsets?


As an avid sports fan, you would know that coaches don’t just wear one to look busy and dedicated.


They communicate with assistant coaches who have a good vantage point in the stands and are thus in a prime position to inform about what’s going on in the field.


You would have indubitably noticed that coaches directing play are often communicating on headsets they are wearing.


On the gridiron, a defensive player and the quarterback are allowed to wear a headset to communicate with the head coach.


Remember that good communication and coordination are imperative for winning more games.


Why Coaches Must Communicate

There are several valid reasons why coaches need to communicate.


To begin with, the gridiron is pretty huge. While fans get to see the field from all possible perspectives, they have a decent idea of what is happening there. However, coaches don’t have such great views and vistas. Hence, they require input from head coaches and a few players on the ground to make sense of what is happening.


Another key reason why prompt communication is paramount for success is that the situation on the ground can change rapidly. As a result, coaches must respond with a quick change of plans to deal effectively with the evolving situation.


The opposition might suddenly start using different tactics to gain an advantage over your home team. Consequently, your team coach must quickly sense what the opposition is up to and respond accordingly. After rapidly analyzing the situation, the coach has to respond with the optimal tactics for countering current opposition tactics. And when the opposition switches tactics, the coach also needs to respond with a new game plan that will thwart the opposition.


Also, since the game is so fast and there are so many boots on the ground, your coach might miss key points, like who made the wrong play, how the defensive line can respond better, etc.


Two heads are better than one, they say. This holds true for football in particular, where assistant coaches can pick what the coach may have missed. By relaying key information continuously to the coach, there will be less likely that the coach will lose sight of something important.


Some coordinators assist with defensive and offensive play.


Player and Coach Communication

The quarterback controls the offensive line. At the same time, two key defensive players control the defense line. Communication between these key players and the coach is necessary for success.


Communication between coach and players is as vital as between coach and assistant coaches.


For example, the quarterback often pays heed to the advice given by the coaching staff while directing the play.


Besides the quarterback, there is just one other defense player who is allowed to have a headset. The team will perform nicely when these two players handle things smoothly.


However, you should note that players can’t keep talking continuously with the coach. It is only between plays that the radio receiver can switch on for players on the field. Remember that the radio receivers close 15 seconds before the next play starts.


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Coach, staff, and players rely on the best technology to make the best plays possible. Top technology is as indispensable as top players.


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These headsets’ durability is impressive because headset lovers know that this sophisticated gear is often not designed with ruggedness in mind. In fact, we often associate sophistication with fragility.


Anguished smartphone owners know all too well how easily their dearer-than-life gadgets can get knocked out with just one fall from a few feet. It’s fair to say that most consumer headsets can’t take much of a beating, nor are they suited to withstand tough conditions like inclement weather.


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You may have noted that the Bose SoundComm B30 is available in double and single-cup configurations.


“Why single-cup?” you might think.


Coaches prefer the single-cup variety since that leaves one ear open for players and referees. With double cup configurations, they would not be able to hear refs and players.


There is a built-in mic within the headset to facilitate seamless communication.


The NFL chose Bose to design and supply headsets because not only is it a preeminent name in the general consumer market, but it also has solid experience designing headsets for extremely demanding, challenging applications like the military and aviation.


Bose engineers went to actual matches to get a sound profile for optimizing their noise cancellation technology.


As a result of their hard work and dedication, they made an amazing headset at short notice.


Our Final Thoughts

Technology is now an all-encompassing reality of modern existence. Football is no exception to this norm. Hence, coaches need headsets to communicate in time with the coaching staff and other players to make the right move at the right time.