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Where to Buy Football Helmets?

high end football helmet

Looking for places to buy football helmets?


Sports fans looking for great protective gear should buy only from trusted stores.


You can try the following to find an amazing assortment of class-leading helmets that will suit your playing style.

Now that you know where to locate the most awesome helmets, you should also know of features to look for in a football helmet when you are buying one for yourself. This is paramount for getting the best return on your investment and high value for money.


The National Athletic Trainers Association

One study carried out recently by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) sheds light on the prevalence and hazards of ill-fitting football helmets.


The study noted that around three-quarters of youth football players fail to fulfill at least one out of the 13 criteria for helmet safety recommended by the NATA.


This is troubling news considering that growing kids are especially susceptible to the deleterious effects of head injuries.


Since the head size of individuals is different, you will need a helmet of the right size that will perfectly fit yours. Hence, the same sized helmet won’t work for many users.


Young players, in particular, rely on their leagues to find and provide helmets of the right size. However, many leagues do not provide adequate training to their coaches on fitting helmets properly. Nor are there suitably qualified and trained medical professionals who can advise with helmet fitting.


These factors expose youngsters to a greater risk of suffering concussions and serious head injuries with long lasting repercussions.


Measuring Head Size

Since head sizes can be different, you need to measure yours to find the right-sized helmet. To do this, you can use a measuring tape placed an inch above your eyebrow to measure the circumference of your head. Then you can find a helmet of the same size as your measurement.


Once you try on the helmet, you should assess the following criteria recommended by the NATA.

  • There should be a good fit around the crown, sides, and front of your head.
  • No gap should exist between the cheek pads and your face.
  • The chin strap must not be loose nor too tight. A good fit will keep your helmet in one place and prevent it from moving around.
  • Press the helmet down. There should be forceon your head but not your brow.
  • There should be a 2-finger gap between your eyes and the helmet part just above your eyes.
  • Check the helmet’s back to make sure that the back of your head is completely covered.
  • Ear holes on the helmet should be well-aligned with openings of both ears.
  • The face shield must not hinder your vision. There should be a vertical gap of around 3 fingers between the top of your chin and the face shield.
  • The helmet should not easily move around your head.


Once you buy a good helmet, make sure that you inspect it regularly before you need to use it.


Temperature considerations can influence the helmet fit.


Evolution of Helmets

The design of helmets was pretty much stagnant between the 80s and 2000. Although they tried different materials, including gels, air and various padding material, helmet design remained more or less the same.


But after research surfaced on the seriousness of sport-induced head injuries, helmet design has continued to evolve ever since.


Although helmet technology is superior compared to the past few decades, no helmet can completely slash the risk of head injury.


However, before you pad up for the upcoming season, you should try to look for the following.



The outer portion of the helmet is known as the shell. This part can mitigate the force of impact and thus keep you safer. Hence, you should carefully scrutinize shell design to ensure greater protection.


The shell should possess the following attributes.


Good construction (Like Riddell Victor Youth Helmet – ASIN: B085B4KZ1W)


High durability (Look for Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Helmet – ASIN: B086M4KM61)


It should be made from at least standard helmet shells materials like polycarbonate alloy or ABS plastic.


Ventilation hole to allow air circulation and thus greater temperature control and comfort for the user.


Pro Tip – some high-end helmets leverage air systems that help the helmet conform to the unique contour of your head. For this feature, check out Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet ASIN: B086M6YJGX



Padding is necessary for cushioning the relatively hard shell. It provides added comfort, but padding also keeps your head safer against high impacts.


You can go for either thermoplastic urethane (TPU) or Vinyl Nitrile.


TPU is a very good padding material for football helmets because it absorbs shocks and requires no break-in time.


Vinyl Nitrile is also a high performing padding foam. But it’s, one key drawback is the break-in period.



The facemask may be part of your helmet. Or it may need to be purchased separately. Think of it as the ‘cage’ in front of the helmet.


Facemasks need to be made from high strength material to efficiently absorb the high impacts and shocks generated during the game.


It is not unusual to find faceguards made from high-strength titanium alloys and carbon steels. The faceguard has to be designed for the overall helmet shape.


Chin Strap

The chin strap is a key defensive component of a helmet. Helmets may have either soft cups or hard cups for the chin strap. This part is paramount for keeping the helmet firmly in place and preventing it from moving about.


Next to the chin strap is the jaw pad. It should feel comfortable and not press too hard into the jaw.


Our Final Thoughts

You can try out some highly trusted stores mentioned above to find great deals on the best helmets.