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The Best Colleges for Football

If you’re currently deciding on which college you should choose to play football, you should do an in-depth research before settling on one. Keep reading further to know more.

If you’re a big sports enthusiast and are a sucker for football, pursuing a career as a footballer is certainly a great career prospect for you. Football is a fun sport to play and keeps one’s physical health in check as well.


You must’ve noticed what great shape footballers are in; that’s partly because playing football requires one to take care of their diet and also exercise quite a lot to play sufficiently in the field. If you’re ready to take up the challenge, you should for sure go for pursuing it as a career.


However, before you do so, we’ll suggest you complete your college education first. Not that there’s any restriction to becoming a football player without a degree, but it’s still better if one’s all caught up with their degree.


The good news is that you can apply to colleges that have a few of the best football teams and can start your training while you’re at college. This article explores the list of best colleges for football, so stay tuned to know more!


Why Should You Play Football?

Playing football from a very young age has many benefits that can serve you over the next few years. It keeps you active and increases your endurance and stamina. Particularly, playing football activates your muscles and also helps with blood circulation. Let’s explore some of the health benefits of playing football:


Enhances Aerobic Capacity

If you want to become a professional footballer, you’ll have to learn how to run at a fast speed for ninety minutes straight. And when you start training to become one, running for so long will become second nature to you. All of this will enhance your aerobic capacity – your capacity to consume a higher amount of oxygen while your body experiences a vigorous intense activity (such as working out or running).


Improves Heart Health

One of the greatest advantages of playing football is that it really improves your cardiovascular health. While playing this sport, a player runs about eight to twelve kilometers on the field, which works wonders for their heart rate. Additionally, the heart muscles are constantly active, which helps in the removal of plaque from the coronary arteries. More so, playing football also keeps the heartbeat elevated, keeps their blood pressure balanced, and finally, burns excessive calories.


Reduces Body Fat

Playing football keeps a person fully active, which means they’d be sweating excessively, which in turn would help them burn their fat, as sweat burns many calories. Being a professional footballer also requires one to be on a very specific diet – helping them avoid carbs and fat while stacking up on more protein, giving them more energy to fuel through, and not gaining fat on their body.


Gives More Muscle Strength

If one plays football regularly, they’d likely have great upper and lower body strength. The thing is, while playing football, and the player would need a lot of lower body strength to kick the ball around, tackle their opponents, run towards the goal, etc.


Meanwhile, upper body strength is required for blocking your opponent, protecting the ball from them, and overall power. If one becomes an avid football player, chances are, they’d be loaded with upper and lower body strength.


Builds Bone Strength

The strength in our bones decreases while we grow older. However, if one maintains their fitness levels throughout the years, their skeletal framework is bound to get stronger. And what other way to stay fit than playing football every day out on the field? You get sunlight, exposure under the open sky, and vigorous exercise in the form of playing.


Makes You More Coordinated

Playing football teaches coordination like nothing else, as you’ll have to work in a team, from learning to trust your teammates to know them well enough to understand their signals to passing each other the ball – football will teach you how to work well in a group while absorbing each other’s energies and working together in synergy. Making you more coordinated is guaranteed while playing football.


Best Colleges for Football

Now, let’s look at a few of the best colleges with the best football teams, which will allow you to play and train under professional help.


University of Alabama

UA brags one of the best school football crews in the Crimson Tide, who have won 17 public title titles since they started playing back in 1982. The Crimson Tide additionally has a remarkable record on the football field, winning around 73% of the games that are played. Numerous previous players presently contend in the NFL.


Students who attend UA commend this rich athletic custom by humming together the school’s hymn, Yea Alabama, frequently to the beat of the 400-part Million Dollar Band — one of the most praised college walking groups this country has.


If you wish to learn more about the historical backdrop of Crimson Tide, we’d suggest you visit the Paul W. Bryant exhibition hall. Local area individuals and guests can find out everything they want to by going there. While there, they’ll be able to discover mixed media presentations of each of the 15 Heisman Trophy champs, including the beneficiary of 2018 – Tua Tagovailoa.


University of Michigan

The U-M Wolverines are one of the most incredible school football crews in the US, bragging one of the most noteworthy, generally speaking, success rates in the NCAA. Notwithstanding 11 public title titles, the Wolverines have 42 session titles. Likewise, the college is home to a large group of individual honor beneficiaries, which includes 2017’s Big Ten Medal of Honor winner, Jake Butt.


The Michigan Stadium, which was structured in 1927 for approximately $950,000, frequently fills every one of the 107,901 seats, setting the Wolverines at the highest point of the NCAA’s rundown for biggest single-game, ordinary season swarms. Students with professional objectives in intercollegiate sports can apply for the Victors Internship Program to foster event management, raise money, and correspondences abilities.


University of Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish football crew has won 11 public title titles and keeps one of the most amazingly notable success rates in school football. Likewise, the group flaunts seven Heisman Trophy champs, remembering Tim Brown for 1997 and John Huarte in 1964.


Students attending ND gladly show their school soul by sporting gold and blue — the college’s official tones. Furthermore, 1887 saw the initiation of The Band of the Fighting, making them the most seasoned persistently working college walking band in the United States.


Fans can stroll in the strides of their beloved players by mentioning an arena visit. They might get the Fighting Irish application to get to a customized news channel, view the background recordings, and oversee tickets.


University of Southern California

About 130 public titles have been won by USC’s competitors, which include eleven for football. The Trojans have contended in the Rose Bowl multiple times, winning twenty-five of such games. Athletes like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush have won Heisman trophies by participating in these games, playing for the Trojans, and ended up being the winners in 2004 and 2005.


USC’s mascot is anything but a costumed entertainer yet a majestic white pony named Traveler. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is a 77,500-seat arena, has mostly been used by the Trojans to host their games. The stadium was structured in 1923 and facilitated the Olympics nine years after the fact. Fans can remain current with USC games by getting the Trojan Fever app on their gadgets and staying up to date with whatever’s happening.


University of Oklahoma

The OU Sooners are individuals who form the Big 12 Conference. OU’s football crew flaunts seven public titles, 49 meeting titles, and seven Heisman Trophy champs. They additionally take the main spot on the AP Poll’s positioning of the most prominent football projects ever.


On game day, fans assemble as a group to rear end at the notable Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, one of the country’s twenty biggest school sports fields. OU cultivates local area commitment through programs like the Sooner Club, which offers part helps like VIP stopping, club seats, and admittance to select society occasions. The college likewise works a Spanish-language account on Twitter for their athletic groups named Los Sooners.


Ohio State University

The Ohio State Buckeyes football crew has won eight public titles and forty conference titles since their first season in 1890. The group is likewise well known for being the team that has been undefeated for the past six seasons. Numerous players proceed to play for the NFL, and a few have likewise gotten official acknowledgment as being among one of the best to have been playing the game.


Ten previous Buckeyes have been drafted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Buckeyes are esteemed at $1.5 billion, as per a 2017 gauge from the Wall Street Journal, making them the most important school football crew. The group plays its home games at Ohio Stadium. This well-known field can hold 102,780 individuals, making it the fourth-biggest arena in the United States.


Pennsylvania State University

Formally dressed in Penn State’s true shades of blue and white, the Nittany Lions are among the best school football crews. They have finished 13 undefeated seasons, won seven public titles, and ordered a close to 70% triumphant rate. The group joined the Big Ten Conference in 1993. From that point forward, the Nittany Lions have won four gathering titles.


Current lead trainer James Franklin joined the Nittany Lions in 2014. After two years, he assisted the group with recuperating wandering exhibitions in the initial four games to a Big Ten title win, and Franklin was named Dave McClain Coach of the Year for this accomplishment.


PSU is a great college to go to, especially if you wish to pursue professional football and be trained with absolute professionals and athletes. The PSU also has its own mobile application that updates fans with match reports, tickets, and overall information. Download it now to never miss an update.


University of Tennessee

Taking their name from the state’s true moniker, the Tenessee Volunteers football crew has won six public titles and 16 gathering titles. The Vols have shown up in 52 school bowls, winning 28 of those games. In excess of 350 previous players have proceeded to play in the tournament.


The Vols play the home games at the Neyland Stadium – which can hold up to the greatest limit of 102,455 fans. The college rewards students in attendance for going to games and related occasions through the Rowdy Rewards program to cultivate school pride. By downloading the Tennessee Athletics Gameday App, fans can get in-depth data and get a notice about pregame occasions.


University of Nebraska

Established in 1890, the Nebraska Huskers football crew has won five public titles and 46 conference titles. The group flaunts a 69% winning rate, winning in excess of 900 games. The Huskers’ strength on the field is totally incredible, to the point that ESPN records the 1971 and 1995 lists among the best school football crews ever.


Notwithstanding their three Heisman Trophy victors, the Huskers are known for their training administration. Somewhere in the range of 1962 and 1972, lead trainer Bob Devaney drove the group to 10 gathering titles and two public titles. Replacement Tom Osbourne reformed the game with his I-Formation offense — presently one of the most well-known developments in American football.


Our Final Thoughts

To sum it up, playing football indeed has great benefits on the human mind and body. And suppose you’re interested in pursuing football professionally. In that case, you should certainly go for it, and we’d suggest you join one of the colleges mentioned above as it will help you a lot with figuring many things out regarding the sport.


Moreover, picking a college with a great football team and eventually playing with that team will get you a good amount of recognition and validation when you try to segue into professional football and international teams like Manchester United or Liverpool (to name a few).