How Do You Use Free Hit on Fantasy Football: Top Tips for Game-Changing Moves

Ever found yourself in a fantasy football pickle, with half your squad benched or underperforming? That’s where the Free Hit chip kicks in, your secret weapon to turn the tables for a gameweek. It’s like hitting the reset button on your team, giving you the chance to swap out your entire lineup without any long-term consequences.

Using the Free Hit effectively can be a game-changer, especially during those pesky blank or double gameweeks. You’ll want to maximize your points without disrupting your squad for future matches. So, how do you wield this powerful chip to your advantage?

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Understanding the Free Hit chip

Imagine you’re the coach of your fantasy team, facing a week where your usual starters aren’t playing or you believe there’s a better lineup for that single game week. That’s where the Free Hit chip plays a pivotal role. Activate the Free Hit chip, and you’re no longer bound by your previous team selection; you’re free to pick a fresh lineup specifically for that gameweek.

When you activate the Free Hit, remember it’s a one-time deal. You must make it count. Here’s the trick – hold onto it for those extraordinary circumstances. Whether it’s the notorious blank gameweeks, where several teams aren’t playing, or a double gameweek, where teams play twice, this chip can turn your fantasy fortunes around.

Your strategy should mirror that of a professional football coach going into an important match. Analyze the fixtures. Predict which players are on form and likely to haul in the points. It’s not just about the stars; often, it’s the unassuming players who rise to the occasion. Your job is to find those under-the-radar players who’ll make the difference.

Here are some tactical insights to help you navigate:

  • Always check the injury and suspension lists; avoid players who won’t step onto the pitch.
  • Look for players with favorable matchups. Sometimes a lesser-known player facing a weaker defense can outscore a premium player against a top team.
  • Consider teams with something to fight for, be it escaping relegation or clinching a European spot. Their players might just push beyond their usual limits.

Think of the Free Hit chip as your wildcard for one week and one week only. It’s a powerful weapon in your fantasy football arsenal, and when used wisely, can significantly boost your points tally. The key is to use it in a gameweek where you can maximize its potential – get that lineup set, and watch the points roll in.

Identifying the right time to use the Free Hit

Timing is everything when it comes to the Free Hit chip. You’re looking to exploit those one-off opportunities that can catapult your team ahead of the competition. From my days on the pitch and now watching from the sidelines, I’ve learned that you must strike when the iron’s hot—and in fantasy football, that means blank and double gameweeks.

Blank gameweeks occur when some teams don’t play, and double gameweeks feature teams playing more than once. These scenarios can wreak havoc on a carefully curated squad. You’ll see your starters sitting on the bench, not contributing any points. However, with a Free Hit, you can adapt your lineup for that specific gameweek without disrupting your team for the rest of the season.

Here’s a quick checklist to guide you:

  • Monitor the fixture schedule closely to identify upcoming blank or double gameweeks.
  • Look out for big tournaments like the FA Cup or continental club competitions that could lead to game postponements.
  • Stay updated on player availability; suspensions and injuries can be game-changers.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll know when it’s high time to deploy that Free Hit. And here’s a pro tip: don’t get tempted to use your Free Hit too early. Patience is a virtue. Sometimes holding off until later in the season can be even more beneficial when unexpected changes throw everyone else off balance.

Remember, it’s not just about surviving a tough gameweek; it’s about advancing your position. Look for those moments when the majority of managers might struggle and see it as your chance to gain ground. With diligence and tactical acumen, you’ll recognize the perfect moment to play your Free Hit and watch as your foresight pays dividends.

Assessing the fixtures and choosing the best players

When using your Free Hit, scrutinizing the upcoming fixtures is your first play. Blank and double gameweeks are particularly crucial, as they offer the perfect backdrop to optimize your selection. It’s like preparing for the big match – knowing your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses can make or break the game.

Keep an eye on the fixture difficulty rating (FDR) that many fantasy football sites provide. It’s your scouting report on which teams have the easiest or hardest upcoming games. Players facing easier opposition often have a higher chance of scoring points, so they are prime candidates for your Free Hit team.

Prioritize teams with favorable matches and consider the following:

  • Offensive potential – attackers from teams facing weaker defenses are more likely to score goals or provide assists.
  • Defensive solidity – a team with a strong defensive record coming up against a goal-shy team is a good bet for clean sheets.

Your years on the pitch have taught you the value of form over reputation. Pay attention to player performance in recent games rather than perennial favorites whose stats might not justify their selection.

Key Players to Target

It’s not just about the teams; it’s about the individuals who make the magic happen. Here’s a shortlist of the types of players to target for your Free Hit:

  • In-form players: Just like when you played, form is fleeting but powerful. Get those who are hitting the back of the net consistently.
  • Differential picks: These are players not widely selected but who have the potential to score big. Every point counts in moving up the ranks.
  • Set-piece takers: Prioritize players who take corners, free-kicks, and penalties – they have more opportunities to contribute to scoring events.

Remember, your Free Hit squad is temporary, so focus on the short-term upside without worrying about long-term effects on your team. This is your chance to experiment tactically, akin to how you would adjust your tactics mid-game when you sensed an opportunity to outsmart your opponent. Watch the games unfold and enjoy the ride as you exploit these one-off fixtures to your advantage.

Making strategic transfers with the Free Hit

Diving into the Free Hit chip, your goal is to maximize the potential for that particular gameweek. It’s like being a football coach, eyeing a win in a critical match, making bold yet calculated changes to your lineup.

With the Free Hit chip, every player in your squad can be swapped out without long-term repercussions. This is your chance to bring in players who are not just playing, but are highly likely to haul in points. Here’s how to make those strategic transfers:

Assess Team Performances Rigilously

Think like a scout; your fantasy team needs that sharp eye for detail. Check out recent performances and team form – these are indicators of potential success. Look for teams with something to play for, be it avoiding relegation or chasing European qualification spots.

Focus on Immediate Impact Players

  • Transfer in players hitting their stride, those with consecutive goal involvements recently.
  • Be mindful of the opposition’s defensive record. Favor players going against weaker defenses.
  • Goalkeepers and defenders with a good clean sheet probability are gold. It’s about grabbing every point possible.

Exploit the Fixtures

Your Free Hit is a one-week wonder. This means you should:

  • Prioritize players with favorable single fixtures over double gameweeks if their matches look too challenging.
  • Consider the potential for rotation. You need players who will definitely start.
  • Gameweek-specific differential picks can separate your team from the pack. If these unique selections hit form, the payoff is immense.
  • Captaincy choice is another pivotal decision. Double down on a player who has the potential to be the gameweek’s top performer.

Strategically, the Free Hit chip allows you to take risks you wouldn’t in a normal week. Think of it as a tactical substitution that can change the game’s outcome in your favor. Play around with your selections, be courageous, and remember, it’s all about taking full advantage of the gameweek at hand.

Maximizing points without disrupting the squad

When you’re juggling your fantasy football team, it’s like setting up your squad for an important match. Your goal is to score maximum points while keeping the core of your team intact. The Free Hit chip allows you to do just that—make strategic alterations for a single gameweek without the long-term repercussions that can unsettle your well-crafted team.

Deploying the Free Hit chip should be done with precision, focusing on players that are showing promise in the short term. Perhaps there’s a midfielder hitting peak form or a defender who’s part of a team that’s kept consecutive clean sheets. These are the golden tickets that can bolster your points for the week.

Here’s a strategy to maximize your Free Hit potential:

  • Compare player fixtures for the upcoming gameweek, pinpointing teams with the highest potential for scoring goals or keeping clean sheets.
  • Identify consistent players who may not usually make the headlines but offer steady points through assists, bonus points, or persistent defensive contributions.
  • Look for short-term injuries or suspensions in the teams that can offer up-and-coming players a chance to shine.
  • Make a note of team rotations or squads with congested schedules, especially during European competition weeks, as this could affect player performance due to fatigue.

Remember, the Free Hit is your one-off golden ticket to tailor your squad specifically for an individual gameweek. It’s about striking that delicate balance between high-performing players and those temporary point grabbers. Keep an eye on press conferences and team news right up until the deadline for any last-minute information that could tilt decisions in your favor.

By selecting the right players for a Free Hit gameweek, you increase your chances of climbing the rankings while preserving your meticulous team structure for future challenges. Embrace the opportunity to strategize and then watch closely as the matches unfold, your chosen players contributing to your fantasy squad as if you’re directing them from the touchline.


So there you have it! You’re now equipped with the know-how to wield your Free Hit chip like a pro. Remember, it’s all about seizing the moment and making the most of that gameweek. Keep your eyes peeled for those short-term gains and don’t be afraid to take a punt on a differential. Trust your gut when picking your captain – they could make all the difference. Stay on top of the latest team news and go for it. Play your Free Hit with confidence and watch as you soar up the ranks. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Free Hit chip in fantasy football?

The Free Hit chip allows you to make unlimited transfers for a single gameweek in fantasy football. After the gameweek ends, your team reverts to its original lineup.

When should I use the Free Hit chip?

You should consider using the Free Hit chip during a gameweek with favorable fixtures for teams, during double gameweeks, or when there are unexpected events like injuries or suspensions.

How does the Free Hit chip affect team structure long-term?

The Free Hit chip does not affect your team’s structure long-term. It only changes your team for one gameweek, after which your original team is restored.

Can the Free Hit chip be used more than once a season?

No, the Free Hit chip can only be used once per season in fantasy football, so it’s essential to choose the right moment to play it.

What is a differential pick in fantasy football?

A differential pick is a player selected by a low percentage of fantasy football managers but has the potential to score high points due to form or fixtures.

Why is it important to choose the right captain when using the Free Hit chip?

Choosing the right captain is crucial because the captain’s points are doubled, potentially making a significant impact on your overall score for the gameweek.

Should I focus on short-term injuries or suspensions when using the Free Hit chip?

Yes, focusing on short-term injuries or suspensions can allow you to pick players who may be temporary but have the potential to score high points in the absence of regular starters.

How do press conferences and team news affect Free Hit chip decisions?

Press conferences and team news provide insights into player fitness and potential line-ups, which is valuable information when making informed choices for your Free Hit team selections.

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