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Best Streaming Platforms to Watch Football

Say goodbye to cable TV and subscribe to streaming platforms to catch all your favorite matches. Keep reading to know more about them.

Watching football can be really entertaining, in fact, watching any sport actually. However, if you happen to be a huge football fan, the matches would provide you with the best kind of entertainment, especially if your favorite team wins.


The good news for all football geeks is that you now don’t have to be dependent on cable TV to follow up with football matches. Numerous streaming platforms have now taken over the world like a storm that has changed the definition of live streaming and entertainment.


This article will discuss the many streaming platforms you can subscribe to to watch your favorite team compete in football matches. Say goodbye to your typical and conventional cable TV.


Why is Football So Entertaining to Watch?

Football has been a very beloved sport ever since it came into existence. People not only love playing it but also watching it as well. Some people may not be football players but still love to watch all the tournaments and matches. Their passion for this sport doesn’t have to be limited to specifically playing it. Let’s get into a few reasons why people absolutely love to watch football.


Non-Stop Action

Anybody who has ever seen a football match would know how action-packed these football games can be. People watching as spectators from the field itself add more action to the game, frankly speaking. Their reactions and emotions towards a specific move or player and their constant cheers would make the game more interesting for anyone watching at home. Also, the speculation of which team would win, the penalties, goals, and football tricks make the match all the more fun to watch.


Great Pass Time

Watching football at home gives you a reason to hang out with your friends and enjoy the best kind of snacks. It’s the equivalent of watching a movie together, the only difference being that a football match would go longer and would be more packed with emotion as football fans feel deeply whether their favorite team wins or not. So yeah, watching a football match together can be a fun evening that you can spend with as many people as you want.


The Commentary

One of the most fun elements of a great football match is the commentary that goes on in the background. It’s a good way for football fans and watchers to know exactly what’s happening in the match. You could say it’s like a verbal report regarding everything that is taking place on the field. Some people may ignore it, but the commentary is actually a very important part of the match. The commentator is also responsible for announcing if there has been a foul and whether a team would have to be penalized.


Fun Commercials

A football match can go on for a long time. People would need bathroom or smoke breaks in between. Hence, the match is interrupted every now and then and is paused for a bit. The pauses are filled with commercials in between. Now, if you’re not a fan of watching them, you might switch the channel or go do something in the meanwhile (run to the loo, make a call, or grab a drink from the kitchen, etc.). But some people actually enjoy watching these commercials as they can be fun and entertaining to watch as well.


Quality Entertainment

All of the facts mentioned above sum up the whole idea or reason behind watching football matches. These matches provide quality entertainment and can make up your whole day and night. It is also a great motivation to end the day. Meaning, when you know there is a match the same night, you’ll look forward to it and wait for it impatiently. Your day will be spent with anticipation and excitement, and there is a whole other fun to that as well. When you finally get home after a long day at work, you can relax and unwind with a cold beer and some take-out while you end the day on a perfect note (if your favorite team wins, i.e.).


Why Should You Switch to Streaming Platforms?

Cable TV is fine in its way; however, it can have challenges of its own. The first problem can be the resolution. As we all know, cable TV actually comes from a satellite dish (a huge circular panel that has many cables and wires connecting your television sets). If the wires get loose, your cable can suffer – not being able to pass the voltage from the satellite to your TV.


All this can either make your resolution weaker or blurry or completely not show any picture at all. It is better to switch to a streaming platform with no issues with its resolution or buffering to avoid such a hassle.


Just pay a small subscription fee every month (almost the same or slightly higher than cable TV), and enjoy your favorite live games from any device you want. Here are a few reasons why you should switch to a streaming platform.


High-Definition Resolution

The good thing about streaming platforms is that you don’t have to worry about the blurry screen at all. The whole point and concept of a streaming platform is to provide hassle-free and quality entertainment. Their entire framework revolves around high-definition pixels that add more to the watcher’s viewing experience. Hence, whether it is a live match or a tv series, sit back and enjoy the screen in high resolution.


A Variety at Your Disposal

Streaming platforms may have changed the landscape of content-viewing altogether, but ever wondered why? The answer is simply the fact that there is everything for everyone available on these platforms. Every individual has a specific type of taste when it comes to content. Some people prefer a certain genre, while others may prefer something more specific. This is where streaming platforms come in; they all sorts of various content to be surfed by everyone. No one can ever be bored of browsing through a streaming platform.



The cable is only attached to your TV, and you can’t carry your televisions sets everywhere you go. In contrast, a streaming platform is basically an application that you can download on any device or gadget you want. From your laptop to tablet to your smartphone – you don’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite games anymore.


Imagine this: you’re at your office trying to get updated on a match that is taking place right now. You obviously cannot leave work and rush home just for the match. So, you whip your phone out and watch the match through a streaming platform in between breaks. Simple and convenient!


Download Anything for On-The-Go

If you are a working individual who has no time to sit and catch matches while they’re live, enter: streaming platforms. One advantage of these platforms is that you can literally download whatever you want and watch it for later.


If you are doing so on a device, simply go in the downloaded section and watch whatever you had downloaded earlier. This option benefits so many watchers, especially the ones who are on the go a lot. Whether you are traveling for work or just stuck at work, your downloads can help you get all caught up with your favorite matches.



One might say, if these streaming platforms have so many benefits, they ought to be expensive, as nothing comes cheap these days. Here’s a surprise for you: if you are looking for a catch, you will not find one. These content-browsing platforms are very cheap to afford, and you do not need to have a high-end job to subscribe to one.


Yes, you have to pay a specific subscription fee every month, but there are different packages that suit people with different content needs. The basic package is pretty much very reasonable and doesn’t put a huge dent in your wallet. So, stop worrying about finances, and subscribe today to get all your favorites on your device(s) with just a click.


Best Streaming Platforms to Watch Live Football

Coming to the main section of this article. With so many options to choose from, which streaming platform should you go for? Honestly, it is a difficult decision as all of them are remarkably designed. However, we have narrowed down a few of the best platforms that have been doing really well. Let’s take a look at a few, and hopefully, you will have a better idea regarding which one suits you the most.



Hulu makes it to the top of this list as its live tv feature has been getting rave reviews from users all over the world. The live + TV coverage gives you the option to watch your favorite football matches live while also enjoying other tv series. Another feature available in Hulu is the unlocking of the expansive library of tv shows and movies on demand. The starting subscription fee is $9.99 and can go on further if you wish to have access to more features. Imagine what you can get at your disposal for just nearly $10.



Relatively new, Peacock has seemed to do quite well for itself in a short amount of time. It comes with two options; Peacock Plus and Peacock Premium. If you subscribe to the latter, you can watch football games that air every Sunday night, along with the Super Bowl. Why is Peacock a good option to go with, you ask? Well, primarily because of the fact that its subscription fee is $4.99, and that alone should be enough to get you subscribed. It might get costlier down in the future, considering how well it has been doing. Hence, best to subscribe now to avail all of its features at a low cost.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is kind of a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed streaming platform YouTube. While the website itself is free, the “TV” version comes at a subscription fee. You can assume how great the streaming quality of YouTube TV is, based on YouTube itself. This streaming platform covers channels like CBC, Fox, ABC Sports, and ESPN, to name a few. YouTube TV is a great platform to access your favorite football matches, as well as entertainment shows and informative news. Slightly costlier than Hulu, the YouTube TV subscription fee starts at $10.99 a month, but it is worth it.


Amazon Prime Video

This streaming platform is also no stranger to being one of the most downloaded applications in the world. Amazon Prime Video is known for releasing documentaries and behind-the-scenes coverage. Not only can you find live streaming of NFL matches on Thursday nights, but Prime Video also produces a series titled “All or Nothing,” which is basically behind-the-scenes footage about what goes on behind closed doors before playing a match. It films numerous sports players talking about professional matches, wins and losses, and their careers. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 a month, which is pretty reasonable.



ESPN is literally a sports channel, so it is safe to assume that the streaming platform version would be nothing but the best to browse to watch a live match. ESPN+ streams live NFL matches every Monday, with the segment called “Monday Nights Football.” In addition, ESPN+ also films documentaries and takes the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes down between a sports team when they aren’t on the field playing. With its subscription charges only being $6.99 a month, ESPN+ is a reasonable platform to commit to, especially if you are a huge NFL fan.


Our Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, the platforms mentioned above are great options to have if you are looking for a space to watch all of your most-anticipated NFL matches. You don’t have to pay too much, and you get a great way to live stream all your favorite sports matches. Streaming platforms have made it super convenient for sports enthusiasts to be all caught up with their favorite sports teams!