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Best Protein Powder for Football Players

Best protein powder for football players

Whether they are building muscles in the weight room or practicing on-field for the upcoming season, football players expend more energy than an average person and thus require a higher calorie intake. Since protein is critical in repairing and strengthening muscle tissue following intense physical activity, it must be an essential part of an athlete’s diet. The best protein powder for football players allows them to build muscle mass and fulfill the recovery needs of their bodies.


It is not impossible for athletes to get the recommended amount of protein only through a healthy eating plan. However, considering how a football player can burn anywhere between 500 and 800 calories during practice alone, protein powders can be rather useful in providing them with an instant boost of nutrients right after an extensive training session.


Fundamentally, protein powders are dietary supplements. They comprise protein extracted from animal or plant-based sources, such as cow’s milk, eggs, and soy, among others.


Interestingly, whey protein is considered one of the best supplements for football players. For the uninitiated, whey is the liquid that separates from milk during cheese production. Whey protein is the protein fraction of this byproduct. It contains all of the essential amino acids that can help your body build and maintain muscle mass.


7 Best Protein Powders for Football Players

Are you looking for the best protein powder for football players? Here is a list that will help you out.


1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


The Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder by Optimum Nutrition is truly the best-selling whey protein powder for athletes in most parts of the world. It is available in over 20 delicious flavors and comes in four different sizes, including one, two, five, and ten-pound packs. You can consume this nutritious and delightful shake in the morning before or after your workout or enjoy it between meals at any time of the day.


This product features Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) and premium ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate (WPC) as its primary ingredients. It contains about 24 grams of whey protein in each serving, along with more than four grams of glutamine and glutamic acid and more than five grams of naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).


In addition, the high-quality powder is easy to mix and consistently delivers a refreshing taste. You can add one rounded scoop of the flavored protein powder to six to eight fl. oz. of water or milk and mix it with a spoon. Alternatively, you can put the ingredients in a tumbler and give it a few shakes to ensure a smooth texture.


The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder is one of the most popular protein supplements for athletes looking to rebuild muscle and increase strength.


2. Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder


The Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder is another great option for football players seeking to build their muscle mass more healthily and sustainably. The gluten-free formula of this post-workout protein supplement ensures your body receives additional nutrition required to keep up with the extensive training and the exertion of the actual game.


This decadent protein shake is available in six exciting flavors: vanilla, banana cream, chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream, and chocolate peanut butter. Moreover, you can purchase it in a two or five-pound pack to keep up with your daily calorie intake and other dietary requirements.


While whey protein makes this product one of the best supplements for football players, it also features creatine and high quantity of BCAAs. Creatine can help boost your brain function and enhance athletic performance by accelerating muscle growth. It is also beneficial in fighting various neurological diseases. However, you must only use creatine in a controlled quantity. Meanwhile, BCAAs can reduce muscle fatigue and reduce soreness.


This relatively affordable formula contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, among other nutrients. Moreover, each serving contains about 60 grams of protein.


NSF International has also certified the Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder by Body Fortress. It means the product is true to what’s printed on its label and does not include toxic chemicals or metals.


3. Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder


Boasting the health benefits of Vitamin C and zinc, the Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder is one of the best supplements for football players. It provides your body with 25 grams of protein per serving, which can assist in building muscles and regaining strength at the end of an arduous training session.


The low-carb protein formula is a perfect fit for those who are very careful about their calorie consumption. You can enjoy this mouthwatering shake along with your breakfast, between meals, or after your workout. Alternatively, you can use this whey protein powder to make keto-friendly pancakes or a nutritious smoothie.


Also, did we mention that Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder is both gluten and lactose-free?


Its ingredient list includes Whey Protein Isolate along with a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the protein powder is available in various tempting flavors such as Dutch chocolate, creamy vanilla, vanilla salted caramel, pineapple orange banana, cookies & cream, banana cream, strawberries & cream, mango peach, apple melon, alpine punch, and toasted coconut. You can also buy an unflavored version of this popular product.


To help fulfill your daily protein needs, mix one to two scoops of the low-carb whey protein powder into six to 12 fl. oz. of water or milk. You can either prepare a silky shake in a blender or stir it using a spoon.


4. Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

(ASIN: B006OC444Q)

If you are looking for high-quality yet pocket-friendly protein powders for football players, you should consider checking out Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder. With hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate as its main ingredient, this dietary supplement can help athletes conquer their fitness dreams while supporting muscle growth and preventing fatigue.


Each serving of this delicious goodness contains about 25 grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and two grams of carbs. It also contains essential amino acids and BCAAs. You can buy this protein powder in a wide array of indulgent flavors, including chocolate, fudge brownie, chocolate peanut butter, birthday cake, cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles, cookies & cream, vanilla, and strawberry.


Along with drinking it as a shake, you can also use this product to satisfy your sugar cravings by adding it to your pancakes, latte, pudding, mousse, and other recipes. In addition, the formula is easy to mix and digest, making it an ideal dietary supplement after an intense workout.


It is also worth mentioning that athletes in more than 60 countries use Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder to meet their daily protein and calorie requirements. Moreover, it is manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices – a system regulated by the FDA to ensure products are produced and controlled according to quality standards.


To make the perfect protein shake, add one scoop of powder to five to six fl. oz. of water or milk before mixing it thoroughly.


5. Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder


Muscle Milk Pro Series is also one of the top-rated protein powders for athletes and boasts a massive fan base. It promises to strengthen your muscles and help your body recover quickly following an intense workout or football practice.


This brilliant protein powder is available in two flavors: intense vanilla and knockout chocolate. It is also gluten-free and features the NSF Certified for Sport seal, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful or banned substances.


Moreover, each serving of this tasty dietary supplement will provide you with 50 grams of protein, five grams of fats, and only three grams of sugar. This product is also an excellent source of multiple vitamins and minerals that will help replenish your strength while ensuring your body remains fit and healthy. Additionally, it is kosher.


You can use Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder to prepare indulgent shakes, tasty smoothies, and an array of other healthy recipes. The best time to consume this supplement is before a workout or 30 to 60 minutes after strenuous physical activity. Since it is easy to digest, you can also use it before going to bed.


For the best consistency, mix one scoop of this protein powder into eight fl. oz. of water. You can buy this product in 2.5 pounds and 5 pounds packs.


6. Naked Whey 100% Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder


If you’re browsing your local supermarket shelves for the best protein powder for football players, it is about time you check out Naked Whey – a 100% grass-fed whey protein powder with a tagline that says “nothing to hide.”


This supplement is available in four flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and unflavored. It is also certified gluten-free and non-GMO. Moreover, this whey product only has one main ingredient derived from cows’ milk that spend nearly 300 days and over 19 hours per day grazing on natural pastures in Northern California. The product is packed with clean protein, essential amino acids, and glutathione, among other important nutrients.


One of the best things about Naked Whey is that it doesn’t contain any harmful additives or artificial sweeteners. It is also free of soy and growth hormones, which add to its popularity among aspiring NFL players. Although it is premium priced, the high quality of this dietary supplement has earned it rave reviews on Amazon and other ecommerce sites.


Each serving of this protein shake boasts 25 grams of protein, 5.9 grams of BCAAs, three grams of carbs, and two grams of sugar. In addition, it only has 120 calories. You can enjoy this whey drink before or after your workout to refuel your tired body. Alternatively, you can add protein powder to your smoothies and other recipes for a well-balanced diet.


7. Bulk Supplements Casein Protein Powder

(ASIN: B0128VQT7Q)

While most protein supplements for athletes in this list contain whey protein, the Casein Protein Powder by Bulk Supplements is made from casein.


For those who may not know, cow’s milk contains two types of protein: casein and whey. They makeup about 80% and 20% of the milk protein, respectively, and contain all the essential amino acids an average person needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though they are both byproducts of cheese production, whey and casein have different absorption rates. While the former is easy to digest, the latter takes some time to absorb and release amino acids.


Due to this, whey protein powders are considered an excellent post-workout supplement. Meanwhile, it is ideal to use casein protein powder before bedtime so it can work overnight to develop lean muscle mass and repair any tissue damage.


The Casein Protein Powder by Bulk Supplements is loaded with essential amino acids and BCAAs, which will continue to absorb into your bloodstream slowly and steadily for several hours. It is a popular choice among football players, runners, and members of the bodybuilding community alike.


This unflavored protein powder is free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and fillers. It also doesn’t contain yeast, gluten, and corn. Moreover, the product boasts 25 grams of protein and 106 calories per serving, making it one of the best protein powders for football players.


Our Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of protein powders for athletes that promise muscle growth and quick recovery. However, if you dream of getting drafted to the NFL and building a career out of your favorite sport, you need to follow a balanced diet plan and keep a strict check on everything that goes into your body.


Unfortunately, many protein powders include growth hormones and other additives that can be harmful to your health. Therefore, we have only added the most top-rated and widely-reviewed products in our list discussing the best protein powder for football players.


It would be best to consult a nutritionist or visit your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplements. In addition, these protein powders are not suitable for children and should not be used for weight reduction. If you want to crush your fitness goals, make sure to use the best supplements for football players in conjunction with a daily exercise routine and a healthy diet.