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Best Numbers for Football Squares

people watching Super Bowl match at a party

Super Bowl is a huge event for any football fan. People host Super Bowl parties to celebrate the victory of their favorite team, but there is also a special party held to watch the games. But to make the party more fun and engaging, a popular game called football squares is played.


Football squares is basically a form of social gambling. Yes! Money is involved in it, but if more players are playing, no harm is done, and no one suffers a humungous loss. Although some states have marked even football squares as illegal, It’s a legal form of gambling, but the law is rarely ever enforced on it unless someone conducts a big fraud. Generally, they’re considered more like lotteries than gambling as only a small amount has to be paid, and the winners get the prize money.


If you’re interested in learning about how football squares work and the best numbers for football squares, read on to find everything you need to know.


How Do Football Squares Work?

Football squares is a simple yet fun game to play, and it makes watching the Super Bowl even more exciting than it already is. You can even play this game for any other football match, but generally, it is played for Super Bowl.


Here are all the steps you need to follow to play football squares:

1. Create a Grid

The first thing you need to do is create a grid. Take a piece of paper and draw a 10×10 grid. It’s very easy to make one with a simple marker and ruler. But if that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can make the grid on an Excel spreadsheet and print out a copy.


Another more feasible option is to get a ready-made grid online. Here are some options for you to choose from:

  • Football Pool Poster (Amazon ASIN Number B08S2NY6QG): The great thing about this pool poster is that it’s bigger than most options you’ll find online. You won’t have trouble reading between the grids, and you can even write the full names of all the players instead of their initials. It even comes with a separate row to fill the numbers from 0 to 9 for both the playing teams.
  • Katie Doodle Super-Bowl Party Supplies Games Decorations – Squares Poster (Amazon ASIN Number B07LC91FVN): Another great ready-made grid is from Katie Doodle. You can enjoy playing football squares with the 11×17 inches board. It also has a space for writing the names of both the teams playing the Super Bowl. Again, it has a 10×10 grid that you will use to play the game.


Once you have your grid, the next step is to number the first row and column from 0 to 9. Start with the first row and leave the first box as it is. If you purchase a ready-made template, you’ll see that the manufacturers have also left the first square empty. Flip the board and repeat the numbering in the columns. Once you’re done numbering, assign a team to either side. Now you’re all set to play.


Another way to assign numbers is through randomization. You can make small square notes with numbers on them. Fold the pieces up and place them in a hat to give them a good mix. Ask random players to pick a piece of paper and write the numbers in the rows and columns accordingly. This adds a bit more fun to the game.


2. Finding People to Play

Ideally, there should be 100 people playing this game. But if you don’t have 100 people, you can play with fewer people. You can ask your friends or family members to play with you. But the more people you have, the more fun it gets.


The goal is to find 100 people to fill the 100 boxes. You can even ask some players to use more than one grid. The more grids someone has, the higher their chances are of winning.


3. Money Collection

Once you have all the people you need for playing the game, you ask them to choose a slot of their liking. Slots are decided based on the numbers. For instance, if someone chooses 4,5, they select four from the top row and five from the first column.


Winners are decided based on the scores of both teams. For example, if one team scores 14 in the first quarter and the other team has a score of 05, the winner is decided based on the second digit of the scores of both teams. So, when players choose a slot for themselves, they either write their initials or their full name in the space. You’ll ask each player to pay $1 for every square they choose. When you have 100 players, you’ll end up with $100 with $1 from each player.


If a player chooses three slots, they’ll pay $3 and so on.


4. Starting the Game

After you have your board, players, and money set up, the next step is to play the game. You enjoy watching the game, and after each quarter, the winner is decided based on the last digit of the scores of both teams.


The teams are already assigned at the top and side of the board, so no confusion. Every winner gets prize money, and the final winner gets the most money out of all the winners. It’s up to you, the host, to decide the prize money. You can even offer presents to winners instead of cash to make the game more personal and fun. But generally, money is used, divided into a ratio of 10:10:10:70. That means the first third quarter winners get 10% of the prize money while the final winner gets 70%. For $100, that will be $10 and $70.


You can keep the ratios equal, giving each winner 25% of the total amount. Or you could increase the amount as the game moves forward. A popular option is giving 10% to the first quarter winner, 20% to the second quarter winner, and 30% to the third quarter winner. Finally, the last quarter winner gets 40%. You can even give second and third quarter winners 20% so that the final winner receives a bonus prize of 50%. But it really depends on how you want to place the odds.


If you want to give presents instead of money to the players, here are some options you can choose from:

  • World Classic Soccer Football Arch Cup T-Shirt (Amazon ASIN Number B07B1MS9VM): What could be a better present for a football player than a t-shirt of their favorite team. The printed t-shirt is made with premium-quality material and is made with a blend of cotton and polyester in the ratio of 90:10, respectively. It’s available in a bundle of colors and is perfect for true football fans. This t-shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Soccer Ball Zipper Pouch (Amazon ASIN Number B09G29PSYF): Throw in something for all the lady fans with this makeup zipper pouch. The pouch is perfect for traveling and can even carry all your toiletry. The waterproof lining will protect your bag in case of leakage. It’s available in different colors and is the perfect present for female football fans.
  • MAX’IS Creations The Soccer Mug With A Goal (Amazon ASIN Number B016P4F56I): This football mug is made solely for football fans. It has incorporated creativity at its peak. Shaped like a football, it has a goal attached to the handle. It’s the best present you can give at a football squares game. The multipurpose wide mug can be used to drink coffee or enjoy a nice hot cup of soup. You can even use it as a cereal bowl.


Probability of Winning

The probability of winning in football squares is 1 in 100. Since there are 100 boxes and you only chose one slot, your chances of winning are one in a hundred. But that’s what gambling is all about. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to get more slots. Let’s say you get three squares; your chances would increase to 3 in 100.


But if you know the numbers that get the most wins, you can win every time in football squares. At the same time, it is important to understand that the best numbers are just probabilities; there’s no 100 percent guarantee that these numbers will make you win.


The 4 Best Numbers for Football Squares

Football squares are a simple way of betting on football games. They have been around for a while and based on history, people have started figuring out patterns that help betters win more frequently. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee accurate results, but it can increase your chances of winning. But ultimately, it all depends on the teams playing. That’s gambling for you; some factors are out of your hands no matter how much you analyze. You’ll need support from lady luck to win the game, but still, here are the four best numbers for football squares that can improve your odds of winning:


1. 0-0

Given the Super Bowl history, 0-0 are the best numbers for winning football squares in the first quarter. Generally, the first quarter ends with a 0-0 score in football. On average, this number has the best probability of winning. If you don’t want to go for 0-0, then any number in combination with 0 would do. But do remember that these statistics are only suitable for the first quarter. If you use these numbers in any other quarter of the game, you’ll most likely lose.


2. 7-0 or 0-7

If you’re choosing 7, combining it with 0 is a great way of winning. According to past patterns, those who chose 7-0 or 0-7 won more frequently than the ones with other numbers. 7-0 is more favorable when the home team is listed first. But if the visiting team is listed first, 0-7 is a better number.


3. 3-0 or 0-3

Just like the number “7”, the number “3” also has many chances of getting a winning outcome. In the past Super Bowls, the number 3 has come up at least 70 times. On the other hand, zero came up 118 times, so pairing up 0-3 or 3-0 will definitely improve your chances of winning.


4. 3-7 or 7-3

Okay, so you got 0-0, 3 with 0, and 7 with 0, now the only option left is to pair up 3 and 7. The number 7 is second to 0 as it came up 82 times in Super Bowl matches. So, if you pair up 3 and 7 together, your chances of winning can increase dramatically. As a rule of thumb, always put the higher number for the home team and the lower number for the visiting team, even if you choose any other number.


Our Final Thoughts

Super Bowl is a huge event for all football fans, and betting on it can make watching the game more fun. You can bet with the best numbers for football squares to win cash or other prizes. But even if you don’t win, you still get to have a lot of fun with your friends and family. Plus, you get to enjoy the game. The more people watch the game together, the more exciting it gets.


So, the next time you watch Super Bowl with your friends, be sure to bring a football square grid along to make things more enjoyable.