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Best Insoles for Football Cleats

black Nike football cleats with insoles

For football players, cleats are more than just shoes. Think of them as an investment that will provide returns in the form of exceptional performance in the field. But no matter how expensive or high-quality the cleats may be, they can cause a lot of discomforts. But, to ensure your cleats don’t end up killing your feet, you can make another small investment in insoles.


Get yourself a pair of the best insoles for football cleats to ensure comfort and top-notch performance in every game.


What are Insoles?

Insoles, footbeds, or inner soles are used inside shoes to make them more comfortable. They’re removable, so you can take them out to clean easily. If you ever buy shoes that are a bit too big for you, an insole can fill up the extra space and make them a perfect fit for your feet.


Insoles can be made of different materials, but they are commonly made with foam. But the best insoles for football cleats may be made out of gel, memory foam, or even air cushions. While different materials offer different features, the underlying goal of all insoles is the same, i.e., to make your shoes more comfortable for prolonged use.


Orthotic insoles are widely worldwide. As of 2021, they have a global market value of $3.7 billion. Here are some of the commonly used insoles along with their functions:


Foam Insoles

Foam insoles are the most inexpensive and are great for shock absorption. They’re quite sturdy, but they have a major downside. Foam quickly wears down, which compromises the durability of foam insoles.


Memory Foam Insoles

If you’re comfortable with foam insoles, getting memory foam insoles might be a better option. They offer more comfort and durability than regular foam insoles. Moreover, they can be molded to match your foot shape.


Gel Insoles

Gel insoles are perfect for providing comfort to the heel area. These are generally used for providing a strong grip to prevent falling. Furthermore, they are also great for relieving pain.


Air Cushioned Insoles

Air-cushioned insoles are the best for getting the highest level of comfort. They contain air bubbles that act as cushions inside a foam sole. They’re great for increasing the life of your shoes.


Benefits of Insoles for Football Cleats

Football is primarily played using your feet. You have to run around, kick the ball, and most importantly, make goals through your feet. That’s why your feet must be comfortable during the game. If your feet are uncomfortable or in pain, it will directly impact your performance.


That’s where insoles come in. They can make your football cleats more comfortable for you, improving your performance. Here are some benefits of the best insoles for football cleats:


Injury Prevention

Often, football cleats cannot provide sufficient support to your feet, making you lose your balance. This can lead to serious injuries during the game. Foot injuries are the worst things that can happen to football players. To avoid them, you can use insoles to get that extra support for preventing injuries.


The best insoles for football cleats are the ones that offer balance and a strong grip on your feet.


Pain Relief

There are different conditions in which people have flat feet or an incorrect foot arch which can cause extreme discomfort, especially for football players. But using the correct insole can take away all the pain and discomfort so you can play freely at all times.


Improved Performance

When your feet are free from pain and discomfort, and there’s no fear of injuries, you can play freely. More importantly, all your attention would be solely focused on playing. That will improve performance, especially for those who suffer from special foot conditions.


Shopping for the Best Insoles for Football Cleats

Now that you know what the different types of insoles are and the benefits they have to offer, it’s now time to learn how to shop for the best insoles for football cleats. Here’s what you should look for in the insoles:



You’ll need to get an appropriate insole based on your foot’s arch. One of the major things to look for in insoles is support. The insoles should be able to support your particular type of foot arch (flat, overarched, etc.) so that you can focus on the game without experiencing any discomfort or pain.



Everyone has a different foot shape; some people have narrow feet while others have wide feet. Make sure that the insole fits your foot shape. An incorrect fit might make you frequently fall, which can cause serious injuries.



Foot size varies from person to person. Just like cleats, you need to ensure that your insole is of the correct size as well. It’s better to look for insoles that have a trim-to-fit feature. This feature allows the cleats to fit your feet with more accuracy.



The breathability of insoles is extremely important, particularly for football players. When you play football, sweaty feet are inevitable, but what’s essential is to ensure there’s a continuous airflow that allows your feet to have room for breathing.


Breathable insoles will also regulate your foot temperature, ensuring that your foot doesn’t get overheated when playing. An overheated foot can affect your performance. Moreover, when the insole is breathable, it can eliminate the foul smell of sweat from your feet.


The 5 Best Insoles for Football Cleats

When you shop online for insoles for your football cleats, you’re bound to have trouble choosing the right ones. We’ve compiled a list of the best insoles for football cleats for your convenience. Here are our top five picks:


1. Dr. Scholl’s HEEL Pain Relief Orthotics (Amazon ASIN Number B01MG68WY1)

This is one of the best insoles for football cleats. It is specifically designed for those who suffer from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Besides these two conditions, anyone with heel pain can benefit from this pain-relieving insole.


It’s suitable for both men and women and is available in different sizes for both genders. Manufactured with Shock Guard Technology, this insole can relieve pain caused by shocks from the source. You’ll never have to worry about sudden impacts causing you pain during long games.


You can give your all to the game without worrying about your feet causing discomfort or pain. They provide optimal arch and heel support. The cushioning makes it easy to move around without fearing injuries.


Every step you make on the field will be protected from shock with the help of this insole. The best part is that it fits true to your size, so you don’t have to trim it further to make it fit.


2. Spenco Gel Heel Cup Shoe Inserts (Amazon ASIN Number B001377958)

This gel-based insole is perfect for football players who suffer from heel pain. The thermoplastic rubber with gel technology ensures that you get optimum comfort and cushioning for your feet during games.


With these shoe inserts, your cleats won’t make your feet hurt so that you can keep all your focus on the game. They provide all the benefits that an insole can.


The gel cushioning at the heel absorbs shocks from impacts which instantly kills the pain.


This insole is also suitable for both men and women and is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one best fits your size. It’s made of rubber with gel infusion inside.


3. Superfeet Run Comfort Thin Insoles Carbon Fiber (Amazon ASIN Number B07959N363)

Made with dual comfort foam, this insole offers the optimum level of comfort needed for playing football for many hours. Even though they’re thin, they’re perfect for getting that extra support and grip.


They are suitable for both men and women and are available in different sizes. The deep heel cushions offer shock absorption instantly, so you don’t feel any pain or impact on your heels.


Of course, they’re ideal for using in athletic shoes, including football cleats. The heel-to-toe insoles cover the entire base of your feet, ensuring you get an optimum grip, support, and comfort.


This product, in particular, checks all the marks for quality as one of the best insoles for football cleats. They’re constructed with carbon fiber which makes them all the more reliable. You can easily run for 500 miles on these insoles before you need to replace them. Generally, they can last for a whole year without needing replacement.


Besides being durable and reliable, this insole also regulates foot temperature and gets rid of the foul odor from your feet owing to its breathability. The stabilizer cap ensures that the insole doesn’t get deformed. It will always spring back to its original shape after pressure is removed.


The good thing about this insole is that you can find a variant for every arch type.


4. Powerstep Original Arch Support Insoles (Amazon ASIN Number B005AFHJKO)

This insole provides support for the neutral arch and the heel cradle. The football player using this insole can expect that extra stability and support on the field. You’ll find yourself slipping less frequently when you use these insoles.


The top antimicrobial fabric on the insole ensures that there’s less sweat and odor. It also regulates the foot temperature, which prevents your foot from becoming overheated. Reduced friction and support combined with the semi-rigid shell ensure you get comfort in every step.


This insole is perfect for those who suffer from different foot conditions such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. You can control your movements effectively with these insoles, and it reduces stress on your feet, which will help you focus on the game without worrying about sore ankles and feet.


They’re again unisex and are available in different sizes. Plus, if the size doesn’t fit, you can always return the insoles with their 30-day money-back guarantee.


5. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert (Amazon ASIN Number B08J7M44X8)

These insoles are designed to match a neutral arch and for men. They can be used for regular use as well as for athletic purposes. They’re ideal to use with football cleats and offer the next level of comfort to the wearer.


The gel pads cushion your steps, ensuring there’s no strain or impact on your feet and ankles. They offer support and stability, so you never have to worry about tripping during important games.


The moisture-wicking abilities of the insoles keep your feet dry even when you sweat and get rid of the smell. By maintaining the airflow, these insoles ensure that your foot temperature remains the same throughout the game, so you don’t experience any discomfort.


They’re also available in different sizes so you can get the one that fits you perfectly. They offer a trim-to-fit feature, so if there’s a slight variation in the size, you can fix it immediately.


Our Final Thoughts

Insoles can make a huge difference in how a player performs during a football game. Every accessory aid in the performance of the player, and insoles aren’t any different. In fact, insoles have a significant impact on performance.


The next time you shop for insoles, make sure to check whether they’re suited for your arch type, fit true to your size, offer enough support, and are breathable. If you still have trouble choosing the right ones, just refer to our list of five of the best insoles for football cleats.


You’ll be sure to reap all the benefits of insoles when you use the ones we’ve picked out for you. Always remember that insoles are supposed to help relieve pain, prevent injuries, and are supposed to improve your performance on the field.