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Best High Schools for Football

Picking the right school for playing football is very important for being around the best teams. Keep reading for further information.

Playing football can serve an individual quite well. For starters, it’s a great sport to play that enhances one’s physical capabilities. But not only that, but football is also a great way to upgrade your extracurricular activities. Playing football in high school, especially, can have many advantages for one.


Having played football can help you get into a great college. Many people go to prestigious colleges on a football scholarship as well. So, it’s not just a fun activity that one can play for leisure time, but is also a smart way to earn yourself a spot in one of the best colleges in the world.


This article will discuss the benefits of playing football on the human body and mind and discuss the list of high schools one can go to for getting trained under professional coaches to brush up on their football-playing skills.


Health Benefits of Playing Football

Football, as discussed earlier, is a multi-purpose sport; it not only helps you stay active but also works wonders on the human body as well. To play football, you’re constantly engaged in an intense and vigorous activity, which helps activate many hormones and helps with better blood supply. Let’s explore the advantages of playing football a bit further.


Increases Endurance

A pretty obvious fact, but to play football properly, you’ll have to run a lot. Football grounds are large, and you may have to run a lot of kilometers to get to your goal or even tackle your opponent. All this running will increase your stamina and endurance. If you’re a beginner, you may feel breathless pretty easily, but if you notice closely, each match you play will be better than the previous in terms of endurance.


Muscle Strength

If you’re not a big fan of working out in gyms, playing an outdoor sport is just as good. Firstly, playing directly under the sun will give you the vitamin boost your body needs. Apart from that, all that running is also considered a workout, luckily for you. You may not be lifting weights on the football ground, but you’re still staying physically active; hence, you’ll have more muscle strength than someone who doesn’t play any sport.


Cardiovascular Health

Football has a lot of benefits on your heart as well. While you’re constantly running, the pace of your heart rate increases, and the blood supply flow is much better than when you’re not physically active. Also, being in a physical state will help your coronaries get rid of any excessive plaque building up on the wall of your coronaries.


Cognitive Brain Function

While playing football, you’ll have to make quick decisions regarding your next move. Whether it’s passing the ball to your teammate or deciding if it’s the right time to shoot your next goal – quick decisions and mental presence are two of the few required things to win the game. So, playing football helps you with quick decision-making as it enhances your cognitive brain function.


Body Fat

If your goal is to reduce your body fat, playing football is just for you. It’s the best cardio exercise you can get, especially if you’re looking for alternatives to work out in the gym. The constant running helps melt your body fat and slowly replace it with muscle. After you’ve burned the fat, you’ll also notice better muscle tone and strength within you.


Other Benefits of Playing Football

While the facts mentioned above were some of the health benefits of playing football. However, there are other benefits of playing this sport as well, which help you in life, in general. The following are a few of the benefits:


Team Building

One thing that people often lack is the ability to work with others. This may become problematic when such people are off to start their professional careers; they might butt heads with co-workers, have a problem with authority, and may find themselves wrapped in workplace politics. Playing football helps you synergize with others in your team and makes everyone aligned and coordinated to focus on a mutual objective.


Increases Confidence

To play any kind of sport, you’ll have to be in accordance with others. That will automatically bring you confidence when you’re interacting and socializing with other people. Your teammates may become like family to you as you have mutual objectives regarding the game, plan strategies together, may even exercise together, and finally, celebrate your big wins together. More so, if you win a game, others may come to you to validate your performance, which will definitely boost your confidence.


Great Pass Time

There’s nothing wrong if you don’t want to pursue football professionally – not everyone has to. However, playing football is a smart option even if you’re looking for a great pass time. Many people indulge in different ways to pass their time, including reading books, painting, cooking, playing video games, etc. All of these have their own benefits, but playing a sport such as playing football out in the open sky is a different ‘ball game’ altogether. Get it?[MA1]


Gets You Scholarships

Some people may play football just to pass the time; however, football can be the center of their lives for some people. They pursue it with all their passion in hopes of becoming the biggest footballer in the world. And playing football since high school can help you get into great colleges, too, on a scholarship. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t very academically inclined – as long as you’re great at playing football, you can pave your way into a prestigious college.


Makes You Popular

Whether you’re in high school or college, playing football certainly brings you under the spotlight. A sports team is always under the radar and has people’s eyes set on them. From cheerleaders to teachers to the team mascots, everyone’s going to know your name. Moreover, if your team ends up winning because of you, say hello to a new level of local fame, which will have everyone congratulating you and making you popular for all the right reasons.


Best High Schools for Football

There are quite a few high schools with the best football teams in the nation and special games and tournaments held annually or every few months. Such high schools have great sports coaches for training purposes and certainly help you get better at playing the game. The following is a list of a few high schools that are best for playing football.


Lufkin High School

This high school is very well-known for its pride in its football crew. On Friday evenings, the entire city gathers around to watch the group compete. The school comes with great preparing offices and is one of the reasons why they are normally positioned in the top 25 winning teams of America. Coming out victorious is vital for the Panthers, and they make sure they do so.


It’s almost been twenty-two years since the football team has been scoring 88-14. Extremely amazing considering the degree of rivalry they play. LHS’s sports team additionally has delivered numerous gifted competitors, for example, Cincinnati Bengals extensive collector Reggie McNeal and San Diego Chargers security Terrence Kiel, just to give some examples.


Southlake Carroll High School

This school’s team The Dragons didn’t surprise anyone as they yet again won the Texas state title. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t a surprise since Southlake has been winning 79-1 starting around 2002. Additionally, they have also won not one, not two, but three sequential state title matches, and even played a 49-match dominant streak.


In 2007, this college played against Northwestern High School in Miami at the Texas arena, where many people come to watch as the Dragons fell to their first-ever defeat in more than four years. This college has become the most prevailing group in the last eight years. However, from that point forward, and they could not measure up to these different schools.


Northwestern High School

This school’s football team is called “the bulls”, and their most amazing success effectively came fourteen years ago just as they crushed recently referenced Southlake Carroll High School. NHS completed their tournament back in 2007 by finishing in the top 25 of USA today without any precedent in the school’s history. Northwestern is a hub for youthful and capable secondary school aspiring footballers in the South of Florida.


For example, this school is responsible for creating football stars that have been making waves ever since. We guess it’s safe to say that this school comes with a secure future for its students, and might even eventually top the list of the best high schools in a couple of years.


Long Beach Poly High School

Having an enlistment of 4,750, Long Beach Poly has the most commended sports teams in the South of California. They are known for having a history of emerging victorious for the past hundred years or so, and this prestigious high school is continually contemplating state titles. This school comes with a solid graduated class in sports, including people like Willie McGinest. What’s more amazing is that globally acclaimed rapper Snoop Dogg attends these football games. That ought to make any footballer want to play at this school.


Hoover High School

Despite the fact that this school has battled in the previous decades, it still had an unscripted TV drama chase after them for two whole seasons, called “Two-A-Days,” that aired on then-popular channel MTV.


For three years straight, the Bucs have crowned the Alabama state champions, and beginning around 1999—when lead trainer Russ Propst dominated—HHS has been victorious several times. The group has a solid fan base that covers a large portion of Alabama, principally due to the network series. The batch that graduated in 2006 included 12 footballers getting full-ride grants to schools that were Division I. Hoover ought to return to the public positions within a couple of years. There’s no reservation in that as far as we can tell.


Oaks Christian High School

Oaks Christian’s most well-known alum is presumably Notre Dame’s beginning quarterback, Jimmy Clausen. Yet, this player doesn’t count as the primary OCHS football player to headline anything major. Beginning around 1980, more than ninety aspiring footballers have gotten full-ride grants. That is most likely why they generally fight for the 3A state title game.


OCHS’s football team is likewise trained by a very well-known secondary school football trainer, Bill Redell. This mentor’s achievements include a lifelong track of 95-6 at OCHS. By and large, he has made an extremely amazing list of qualifications, with more than 180 successes and even six or seven state titles in California. Numerous previous professional footballers have made their children attend OCHS so they can be instructed by the one and only Redell.


Jenks High School (Jenks, Oklahoma)

“Pride-Tradition-Excellence.” This quote is put on the divider, so the group sees them before leaving the storage space, helping the group remember the 12 Oklahoma 6A state titles that the school has won. Being victorious in many state titles is simple when you have Jenks’s offices, with two stories of loads, a story for sports medication, and one more floor for group gatherings.


The arena holds around 10,000 fans. With an office like this, you would trust that Jenks has a background marked by winning. Furthermore, obviously, they do; starting around 1990, the school has dominated 184 matches. Their graduated class pool is loaded up with NFL players.


Orange Lutheran High School (Orange, California)

“Protection wins titles” is a notable assertion all through all of the sports. For this situation, the assertion remains valid. This team has consistently shined under the spotlight for being extraordinary defenders. Beginning around the mid-90s, they are constantly being positioned as one of the greatest defenders in California’s territory as per USA Today. This is the main school in the province of California at any point to average under 17 focuses surrendered a game in a solitary season—something the group achieved this previous year. Completing thirteenth this previous season in the USA Today top 25, in the wake of overcoming defeat from Palo Alto High School.


Our Final Thoughts

Playing football, as mentioned throughout this article, has amazing benefits for an individual. And if getting into the right high school, you can brush up on your skills even more, and eventually play professional football. Hence, before you start considering high schools, you need to make sure the school you pick has all the resources to train you under proper football coaches and through regular matches.