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Best Helmets to Wear While Playing Football

If you want to conquer your next football match while staying protected, it's best you do so by wearing a protective helmet. Keep reading to know more.

Many young kids dream of becoming professional football players. Some make it happen, while others decide against it as they explore other career options. In the case you decide to become a professional football player, you should know that a lot of hard work is coming your way.


You need to train for hours under professional guidance and pay attention to your diet, exercise, and health to avoid any sickness or injuries that prevent you from playing football on the field. Your goal should be to become the strongest player on the team, not the weakest. Hence, you’ve got to prepare!


While training, make sure you’re safe and sound by wearing protective gear that helps you stay secure throughout. One way of wearing helmets on your head is to protect yourself from any head injury. This article will focus on the best helmets to wear while playing football. So, let’s get started!


Why Should You Stay Safe While Playing Football?

There are many reasons as to why you should stay safe. We mean, why not? Why would you want an injury so bad that follows up for years to come? We respect anyone who has a passion for something (football in this case), but it becomes a problem when it starts affecting other aspects of your life. Every passion/hobby of yours should exist independently. For more clarity, here’s a list of reasons why you need to stay safe while on the football field:


Basic Health

This goes without saying. It’s very important that you take care of your mind and body throughout your lifetime. One injury or sickness may start a chain of events that affect other parts of your body, which can be very dangerous. Hence, just for the sake of your basic health, please try to stay safe while playing a sport so intense such as football.


So You Can Play Again and Again

If you want to become a professional football player, you need to make sure that your health is intact enough for you to participate again. If you become useless for your team, they wouldn’t take long replacing you as they mean serious business. This is why we suggest you take care of yourself if you want to go a long way with your football team.


Prevent Long-Term Injuries

Some injuries may look small, but they can keep bothering you for years to come. For example, if a football player experiences a ligament tear in their leg, they might have some trouble walking for years to come. Countless examples can be talked about here: if a player strains their back, they may find it difficult lifting heavy weights again, or even running.


How to Stay Safe While Playing Football?

Playing football is indeed a great sport. However, it can get a little dangerous as well as there is a lot of running and tackling involved. To ensure you don’t need any medical services at the end of your football match, it’s best to apply techniques that make you immune from any injuries. If you’re passionate about playing football, we’re sure you wouldn’t really care about getting injured. But having any (severe or non-severe) can act as an obstacle in your next match. Here’s how you can stay safe while playing:


Protective Padding is a Must

Your entire body is prone to getting any injury while you’re out on the field, trying to conquer your match. Setting your goals to win the game is a great objective to set and even promotes healthy team spirit. But taking care of yourself should be your priority as well. For that, please wear protective pads before you go out on the field. Players all around the world used to wear them. But lately, it has become a trend not to wear them to look fashionably more suited. However, that isn’t the most risk-averse idea – to not wear thigh and knee pads.


Make Sure You Have Your Helmet on Tight

Putting a helmet on when you’re on the field is necessary, so you don’t encounter any head injuries. And no, it isn’t the most unrealistic thing in the world. You can seriously hurt your head while you’re trying to take the ball away from your opponent player, as it will result in a massive one-on-one physical conflict. In many cases, players are also pushed to the ground with their heads hitting roughly on the football field. This can result in concussions or, even worse cranium-related injuries that may come to light later. Hence, please wear a helmet before you go to your football match.


Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is highly essential for the human body, especially when you’re about to participate in physical activity. You may have seen many bodybuilders drinking huge bottles of water while working out in the gym. This is because when engrossed in something physical, our muscles crave fuel to perform and function much better. This fuel comes in the form of water. Hence, before you go out on the football ground, ensure that you’ve loaded up on your hydration needs, and don’t fall unconscious on the ground by such vigorous and exhausting activity, just because your muscles didn’t have enough “fuel.”


Practice Safe Play

Every sport or game has its own rules, and so does football. Firstly, you need to train under a professional football mentor/coach who is highly well-versed regarding all football rules. Second of all, you need also to follow the rules that are being taught to you. While playing the game, if your opponent team player cheats or goes against the rules, inform your coach or the referee instead of misbehaving and causing a ruckus. This isn’t professional behavior; it will delay the game, bore your audience, and, most importantly, ruin the positive spirit of the game. So, practice safe play, and you, along with your teammates, should be safe.


Make Sure Your Form is Correct

To wrap things up, let’s talk about one of the most central pieces of football: opponent tackling. The way that tackling is being coached has changed contrasted with only a couple of years prior. Players are presently being instructed to draw in with their shoulders rather than their facemasks straightforwardly into the chest of the rival player. This “remove your head from the game” mentality has gone far in decreasing head and neck wounds, particularly for more youthful players who are as yet growing actually. So, if you have an amateur playing football with you, we suggest that you look into the legitimate tackling method yourself. That way, you can guarantee that your protege is being trained effectively and empower you to watch out for any basic issues.


Best Helmets for Playing Football

Welcome to the main section of this article. We mentioned staying safe by putting on your helmet as tight as you can. And because we want your head to stay as safe as possible, we have brought you a list of great helmets you can purchase before your next big game. These helmets are made of the best material and are also priced reasonably. Let’s get into them, shall we?


Riddell NFL Atlanta Falcons Speedflex Helmet (B07K3ZYK1P)

This helmet is a must-buy if you’re a huge fan of the Atlanta Falcons. It isn’t only strong and sturdy but is also very aesthetic. You can now look like a serious football player while also upping your fashion game. More so, you’ll be happy to know that it is also officially licensed by NFL. This strong helmet acts as the best protector as its rock-hard texture will make sure nothing touches your head. Furthermore, the high-end technology that it’s made from makes it more secure for your head.


F7 Schutt Helmet (B078RT9J83)

If you’re looking to avoid concussions (which you should), buy this helmet as soon as you can. The material made from is shock-resistant, making sure you’re immune to any nasty shocks. Yes, the F7 Schutt is slightly costly than others, but it is totally worth it considering the benefits it gives. The F7 comes with a titanium protector, weighing just under five pounds. It has been tried and tested and was observed to absorb moisture like nothing else. We totally recommend the F7 Schutt.


Schutt NCAA Authentic XP (B07SS5YCYQ)

This helmet comes in different colors for over 120 football teams. Whoever your favorite team is, you can now represent it but sporting one of the Schutt NCAA helmets. This aesthetic helmet looks great while wearing and is also super beneficial for your head. The helmet is made of a real metal helmet mask, a super-strong helmet cover, and helps you throughout your football with ease and maximum protection.


Riddell Speed Authentic Helmet (B004VBGZY4)

The cap utilizes Riddell’s Quick Release Face Protection System that allows you to eliminate your cover with the dash of a button. The coating can be changed in accordance with fit all sizes and gives great solace and security on the pitch. Nubuck over liners are likewise removable and have a dampness confirmation cover. Furthermore, to cause it more straightforward for you to inhale and to feel better all through the game, there are ventilation openings to keep you cool.


Schutt Sports Vengeance (B018MWM09Q)

Estimated at around $300, the Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet is this survey’s most significant head protector. The STAR rating framework is recorded as “Best Available” for the present football players. Everything begins with a polycarbonate shell, which is sturdier and bigger than the more established models Schutt sold. This innovation can be found in all of the Schutt caps expected for varsity players. With a wide scope of size choices, from little to enormous, Schutt truly buckles down for its clients as a whole.


Xenith Youth X2E+ (B081B9M636)

One of the best qualities of this helmet is that one can have it custom-made to fit their head. This line of helmets is also aimed at young football players (teenagers) to make them look cooler on the field. The bright colors and logos of this helmet make it all the more interesting to purchase. Even though it’s mostly targeted at teenagers, adult players are also seen sporting it as the quality and texture of this helmet is highly crafty. The Xenith Youth X2E+ is very light in weight, and its shock-absorbing trait makes it highly useful on the field.


Schutt Sports Varsity Air XP Pro VTD II (B01DUMQQ7K)

Any professional football player would pick this as their helmet of choice as the technology it is made from makes it the best protector on the field. The helmet is very sturdy on the outside but very soft and cushion-like on the inside. It protects the player from outside threats while giving them A-grade quality comfort. The helmet also comes with additional jaw pads that protect and provide more comfort to the player. Buy this today and personally experience protection and comfort.


Schutt Youth Recruit Hybrid (B00RZTVD4Q)

So far, you may have noticed that all helmets have this one thing in common: their lightness. Helmets may look hard and heavy, but they’re actually very light in weight. That is particularly due to the fact that football players have a lot of running to do, which they won’t be able to do properly if they have a heavy object on their head. This Schutt Youth is no different as well. Its lightness and quality comfort are two of the features that make it excellent for football players to use. It comes with chinstraps as well, making it easier for players to move around on the field.


Our Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best helmets. All of the helmets mentioned above are great fits for football players as they will ensure their protection. As far as the prices are concerned, each of them is priced appropriately given how they aid the player on the field. Investing in one of these helmets would definitely be a great idea, as you’ll then be just one goal away from your winning shot!