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Best Footballs for Kids

Football for Kids

American football is the most popular sport in the USA. According to CNBC, the annual event of the Super Bowl is known to attract over 100 million views every year. This goes on to show just how much the Americans love playing sports and watching it as well. Some may even consider the day of the Super Bowl as an unofficial holiday, with the preparations for the Sunday exceeding even Christmas sometimes.


So naturally, there are many dads, uncles, and elder brothers out there who want the kids of the family to love the sports just as much as they do. After all, what’s better than having the whole family join over for Super Bowl Sunday like it’s early Thanksgiving, eh? But what to do to build the kids’ interest in the meantime, so they aren’t bored?


Well, let us help you with our top seven picks for best footballs for kids. Not only are these inflatables easily available on Amazon for a great price, but some of them really hit home with just how original they look. So what are you waiting for?


7 Best Footballs for Kids

Help yourself with our list down below, as you are sure to find something worthwhile to make your kiddo a football fanatic in no time!


1. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football


Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football had to be the first on our list. After all, since 1941, the Wilson has been the only football that has been used in official gameplays of the NFL. Hand made with genuine leather in Ada, Ohio, by a veteran group of skilled artisans, Wilson’s legacy with NFL is deeply rooted in the history of American football. According to the manufacturers, the “Official” size is best for 14+ of age. Hence, not entirely for kids but for teenagers would do. For instance, your adolescent teenager may now be taking an interest in football given the hype surrounding the Super Bowl and all of their favorite celebrities’ repping the merch. This football is perfect for them. It has the official face of the National Football League with the iconic NFL logo right at the front of its face. The legendary brown and white makes it attractive from far at sight, ensuring your teen is going to become popular as soon as they start carrying it around amongst friends. Made with high-quality leather, it is designed for high grip influence to ensure top performance no matter rain or shine, mud or snow. Safe to idealistically, if your teen starts to play with it, there is a high chance they can easily get good at the game given how they are playing with the actual official football of the NFL.


2. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 100 Rubber Junior Football


Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 100 Rubber Junior Football is a durable kid’s football available as both an inflated single purchase and a pack of deflated six footballs accompanied with a pump. To engage kid’s interest right away, it is available in five bright colors from the original Wilson style brown & white to green & black, blue, singular brownish-orange, and red. It is constructed from a durable, high-grip, deep pebbled rubber that stands up to wear and tear on grass, concrete, or any other surface you kid may want to play on.


Moreover, the deep pebbled surface of the football gives it a high-quality edge you won’t find in many other footballs. In addition to that, the material of the football makes it a great training football for your kid at an early age. It has amazing pro-style raised laces that increase the traction of the surface for easy grip making it easier to practice throw and catch. Furthermore, no matter rain or shine, playing alone in your backyard or with a friend on the field, Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 100 is surely resistant against any weather and play damage. The youth size is like the cherry on top of this delectable purchase for your kid as it makes them perfect for kids who want to get out and practice their football skills any time of the day by themselves.


3. NERF Weather Blitz Foam Football for All-Weather Play

ASIN: B08P27R539

NERF Weather Blitz Foam Football for All-Weather Play is an American-style football by the brand Nerf. It marks a spot on our list because it has easy-to-hold grips – great for both indoor and outdoor games. Its bright green color in combination with black makes it look like a high-quality original and will definitely attract your kids and their friends over to play some football with you. Moreover, the football is made with highly durable material best for all-weather play. This means it will allow your id to enjoy their time, whether it is rain, shine, or even muddy ground after the rain.


In fact, no need to stop your kid from playtime in even snow anymore as with NERF Weather Blitz Foam Football, everyone can play outside in the snow. It has a detailed grip design to ensure extra grip for the juniors. This shall help them practice and surely stay motivated all the while they play as it increases traction and will help them hold, catch and throw the football efficiently. Furthermore, it is made with high-quality foam and designed for small hands, so it automatically minimizes the danger of harsh injuries during play.


4. Nike All Field 3.0 Football


Nike is that one brand you can expect to partner up with any sports in the world, and American football is no exception. After all, with their tagline of “Just Do It,” they are basically giving every sport a chance to be represented by some of the best quality sports merchandise under their banner. In fact, many popular football teams of NFL have their whole kits designed and sponsored by Nike. So natural, if you get one of these bad boys for your kids to play with, they are surely going to be impressed and happy to play with something so high quality. The best part about Nike All Field 3.0 Football is that because of its durability. It may last your kid their entire childhood and way into adulthood if they take of it. Moreover, it comes in the official brown and white color scheme of the NFL football with the Nike logo shining through, so we suggest taking the ball to local gameplay and getting it autographed by any of your favorite players. Not only then, it will become way more valuable to keep but a constant reminder of your kid’s passion and motivation for them to play.


5. GoSports Rubber Footballs


GoSports Rubber Footballs come in a pack of 6 youth size balls with a pump and a carrying bag. This deflated inflatable high-grip and high-quality balls make the perfect purchase for your kid who is already into football or just starting out. The reason is that it comes in a pack of six deflated balls that can easily be inflated with the handy pump, so whenever you think your kid is ready to have one, you just blow one up and hand it over to them. They can keep one indoors, outdoors, and even in their school lockers for playtime at school.


The premium rubber ensures a healthy timeline of the ball, meaning it will last your kid a long time before they need another. Moreover, it is Youth sized, so it is best suited for ages 12 and above. So your pre-teen adolescent is in for a good time with their friends and family, whether it is raining, snowing, a family picnic, or the week following Super Bowl. In addition to all this plethora of fun, you get an easy-to-carry mesh net bag included in the purchase package. So you will not have balls randomly lying around but can easily keep them in the bag and store it in the garage.


6. Multicolor Footballs Junior Size (EA)

ASIN: B000A0F94C

Multicolor Footballs Junior Size (EA) by the brand MACGREGOR is one of the greatest finds even when on the hunt for the best footballs for kids. It is available for purchase in three distinct categories of singles, three parts, and an option of a five-part package, making them an efficient bulk purchase for the price to quantity ratio. Moreover, who can ignore the amazing range of colors the brand has to offer. With an amazing bright shades range of yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, and green, your junior is surely getting a rainbow of footballs with this one.


Best suited for age nine and above, your kid is surely going to fall in love with the color spectrum and quality of the football. The durable rubber construction is a key factor in ensuring it lasts long with your kid so they can easily build their favorites in the football. Although it is available in a deflated condition, the manufacturer recommends inflating the ball’s maximum width for optimum performance. In addition to all this, a pebble grain exterior with raised laces for a superior grip and nylon windings and the butyl bladder provides added strength and air retention, making it the perfect junior football to buy for your kid.


7. Wilson NFL Enforcer Football


Lastly, we have added Wilson NFL Enforcer Football to our list for best footballs for kids because it is the exact definition of building interest in football for your kid. It is a recreation ball made to enforce and spark a kid’s interest in football. It comes with its own handy pump, tee, and tan, which is a stand upon which you can place the football.


Made to look like the official NFL Wilson, it has the right shade of brown with white laces on top. Moreover, it retains the high grip performance despite being a recreation so that it allows real-time experience for your kid. It is basically a purchase you would make to build interest in your kid without being too sure of its success and so not wanting to spend that much on a kid’s football. Safe to say, it shall become the very first football for your kid and may become their most favorite to drive their love for football. Then you can easily buy them the more high-quality ones we have mentioned above, preferably for Christmas, just in time for a new Super Bowl season. With over 70% of high schools in the country trusting this football for playtime, it is highly likely that even your kid with love it and engage in your love for football in no time.


Our Final Thoughts

NFL is one of those sports that account for experience. Whether it is the players’ experience or the audience’s, it is all worthwhile to engage in a game like American football so much that you wish your kids would share the same enthusiasm and love for football one day just like you do. So don’t you worry because setting them up with football from an early age will surely spark their interests in the right direction!


Now that you have gone through our top picks for best footballs for kids, hopefully, you will be able to buy some of these for them and easily turn them over into loving your favorite port just as much as you do. Moreover, you may never know when one of your kids may develop an increasing passion for football and grow up to play it professionally. So don’t hold them back for some dedicated football-loving and get your hand on one of these footballs right away. Cheers!