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Best Football Mouthguards for Braces

Sports Mouthguards

Braces are a big deal, especially if you are a teenager getting into high school. Not only are they necessary, painful, and an uncalled target for bullying, but also very high maintenance. You have to keep them clean, save your teeth from any harsh impact, and you can’t even eat your favorite fried chicken.


However, one of the not-so-common drawbacks attached to having braces comes along if you are a sporty person. Whether it is gym class, running, or any other athletic gameplay that involves other people playing along, you have to keep your mouth safe.


Hence, especially when it comes to rough games like football, braces are a complete no, Bueno! You need to have an extra layer of resilient protection that only a mouthguard can provide. After all, imagine getting tackled in football right after you have made a powerful run for the line – it sounds no fun with trying to save your mouth, teeth, and braces. And God forbid if you go down, you go down hard, and there is no coming back from that sort of an impact. The next thing you might be doing is saying goodbye to football because of the injury and trauma.


Regular Mouthguards vs. Mouthguards for Braces

One of the most common questions that orthodontic experts get a lot is how different a regular mouthguard is compared to a mouthguard specially designed for braces. Well, to answer that, the question has the answer itself. Mouthguards for braces are “specially designed for braces.” Hence, means that they have enough room to comfortably fit your teeth as well as your braces on top of your teeth. They are sturdier and highly protective against the slightest impact because the wire braces can be extremely sensitive.


That is why people with braces should wear specially designed mouth guards, no questions if they want to keep their teeth and continue to play football. Moreover, these mouthguards come in handy because you can easily buy another size whenever you feel your teeth have moved and your current mouthguard doesn’t fit. In fact, there is no need to worry about getting your mouthguards replaced anymore, and you can go in for a checkup to the dentist like you usually do.


Best Brands That Make Mouthguards for Braces

Even though you can find many products that fit the bill and might even do the job for you, but it is better never to compromise when it comes to your dental hygiene and protection. There are a handful of really great and reliable brands that make special orthodontic mouthguards that are specially designed to protect against sports injuries, impacts, and sensitivities. Here are four different types of brands manufacturers you can choose from, have a look:


→ Vettex

Vettex is a brand that came about to be famously known amongst football athletes because its products provide lip protection as well. It stops the player from concurring any injury via biting accidentally biting their teeth in their lips. Hence, even though the Vettex mouthguards are a little larger in size compared to their other brand counterparts, they have an effective additional feature, great on the pocket, and are overall lightweight to wear.


→ Shock Doctor

One of the most common and widely acclaimed brands for mouthguards for braces has to be Shock Doctor. The brand designs special mouthguards meant for athletes, such as football players who wear braces. The mouthguards fit the upper teeth bracket to prevent cuts, scratches, and irritation. An extremely well-fitting and lightweight option, Sock Doctor makes them flexible to survive throughout your treatment.


→ Gladiator

Want to go for a custom fit and design for a mouthguard for braces? Gladiator is where you will be satisfied. Apart from designing signature mouthguards for football players, the brand is well known with martial art athletes and wrestlers as well. Because the mouthguards are custom-made, they fit the mouth easier and better compared to others. More personalization is definitely a good feature, given how it boasts superior protection.


→ Tapout

Tapout is the one brand of mouthguards for braces that allows the choice of remolding for its user. Thus, you can easily get your mouthguard remolded throughout your orthodontic treatment and make it fit as best as it can over your braces and the current shape of your teeth. The unique product design allows for airflow for amazing dental hygiene potential. However, alongside these features, Tapout is on the more expensive side of the pricing scale. So it is your choice to make whether it is worth it or not.


Top 10 Best Mouthguards for Braces

Now that you are well aware of the difference between a regular mouthguard vs. an orthodontic mouthguard and also about the different brands that offer mouthguards for braces – to save you the search time, we have compiled a list of easily available, ready-to-wear, and highly rated mouthguards for braces from the brands we named above and more. Let’s check out the top ten best football mouthguards for braces!


1. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard


One of the most popular models of the infamous mouthguard brand Shock Doctor, these effective braces mouthguards are readily available and can be through Amazon before your next gameplay. These double brace liners are best for protecting both upper and lower teeth, thus making them a perfect choice for kids, teenagers, and even adults. The actual mouthguard is made with high-quality 100% medical-grade silicone and is BPA, latex, and phthalate-free. Available in both strapped and strapless designs, Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard is also available in a multitude of sizes. Comfort and protection are a given with these mouthguards!


2. Comfort Pro-Youth Double Sports Mouthguard


There is no discomfort or irritating bruising with these mouthguards as their name can clearly denote that they are Comfort Pro. Now you can play football to your heart’s desire without your parents and coaches worrying about tackling and accidental injuries because Comfort Pro-Youth Double Sports Mouthguard will be in place. The mouthguard is made from FDA-approved surgical-grade materials that are BPA and latex-free. It is one of the best products out there, especially for active, sporty kids growing up with braces because actual dentists and orthodontic experts design it. The design is non-bulky and non-invasive, so kids are not hesitant with their approach to wearing one.


3. Shock Doctor Adult Braces Strapless Mouthguard

ASIN#: B00181B8EC

Shock Doctor’s singular line is the perfect fit and design for your upper jaw with braces – especially designed for the mature, adult mouth shape. This means that you can get these if you are nearing the end of your braces treatment period and comfortably enjoy playing football without getting worked up about the sensitive braces. We all are well aware that those braces are about to be removed. There is a high chance your dentist does it in parts. So keeping up with protecting the thin wires and small brackets is a whole deal. Hence, these medical-grade silicon mouthguards are the perfect shield for you. Moreover, because it is a Shock Doctor product, you get the maximum quality, design, and comfort, all-in-one without a doubt!


4. Under Armour Football Mouthguard and Lipguard


The chances are high that your favorite football player you look up to wear one of these when he conceives those powerful runs across the line. Under Armor are a well-known brand with professional football players, athletes, and neighborhood heroes. Available in two different types, i.e., custom-fit mouthguard and boil & bite mouthguard – Under Armour promises a lip shield alongside the protection for your teeth. You can even wear the mouthguard strapped on unstrapped as per your comfort and preference. The unique lip guard feature is what makes it famous with professional football players because rugby is a rough game, and you can never be too sure of what can go down. Hence, a worthy choice for a great player!


5. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard


Shock Doctor’s most versatile design that works best for all types of sports, especially football and hockey, the Gel Max Mouth Guard is one of the best fits for braces that you’ll ever find. It is designed as a protective device made with flexible, high-quality material to fit tightly over your braced jaw for ultimate protection against injury. It is like a crash helmet but for your teeth because it minimizes the impact, keeping your teeth and jaws from moving or displacing. Because the mouthguard is so thick for the upper jawline, it disallows your mouth from fully closing. Hence, reducing the risk of jaw joint injuries, displacing your jaw, and concussions.


6. Sisu Mouthguards


This is an organization that represents considerable authority in sports mouthguards. It is reasonable for sports like lacrosse, football, hockey, and confining SISU mouthguards to come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. These incorporate the SISU Aero’s super-thin, ultra-light plan is its most particular element. Then again, the SISU Max has a thickness of just 2.4 mm. It’s customized to you, making it more straightforward than at any other time to talk, inhale, and drink. It’s the smartest possible solution, basically. At long last, the SISU Go Custom Fit Minimalist Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults is a super-dainty, more limited mouthguard that gives significant dental insurance to sports and different exercises.


7. OPRO Power-fit mouthguard, when you wear braces


Assuming the OPRO brand is different from you, it will intrigue you to take note that they are a legitimate brand, have set up associations with American Youth Football and the UFC, among others. This is a mouthguard intended for quite some time of physical games. The Power-Fit accompanies a progressive power-confine, a 2-piece exclusive innovation that forms the gum safeguard to the bends of your teeth and gums, not at all like other average bubble and chomp mouthguards. Other mouthguards need you to push your fingers over your teeth to shape them. The Power-Cage, then again, plays out this for you, notwithstanding its forming abilities.


8. NXTRND Rush Mouthguard


This is one of the most agreeable, defensive, and breathable mouthguards that exist. Securing your teeth is something that ought not to be disregarded. Assuming you play physical games like football, b-ball, wrestling, hockey, MMA, and others, it is basic to secure your mouth by utilizing mouthguards. Mouthguards are currently broadly utilized by competitors, all things considered (even individuals in secondary school) and in an assortment of playing sports. Breathability is perhaps the main factor that chooses execution in donning exercises. Subsequently, the NXTRND Rush Mouthguard has an exceptional solidified shell, just as Soft Gel liner that is uniquely intended to ensure the teeth and lips, and the jaw with the greatest breathability.


9. Battle Oxygen Connected Strap Mouthguard


The Battle Oxygen is a mouthguard made by competitors, dental specialists, and clinical experts to further develop ventilation and execution. This splendid advancement gives complete security to your mouth and teeth, joining solace with effectiveness. Its breathing opening is enormous enough for you to inhale easily while you take part in your high-power exercises, and it offers the most extreme dental assurance. Moreover, even though the brand itself might not be wildly popular with celebrity-status football players, dentists suggest it works best when trying it out as a teenager or young adult for the first time. Hence, if you are new to mouthguards, Battle Oxygen Connected Strap Mouthguard can be your perfect pick.


10. SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard


SAFEJAWZ has changed the universe of sports mouthguards by making one that competitors truly need to utilize. Its greatest selling point is its significant degree of adaptability, with a wide exhibit of exceptionally fit mouthguard series and an amazing array of colors. Also, you are ensured not to choke while utilizing it, making it exceptionally reasonable for an assortment of sports, particularly of the battle type like rugby. Even the name itself gives the mouthguard an edge over other mouthguard products due to the exclusive designing meant for jaw, teeth, mouth and braces. Hence, it is safe to say that there is no second-guessing with SAFEJAWZ when it comes to the protection, comfort and safety of your teeth with braces.


Our Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that if mouthguards are essential for safety during any gameplay and sports, they are all the more necessary if your wear braces. Protect yourself from any severe injury, impact, and dislocation with football mouthguards for braces and go one to become a responsible champion. Cheers!