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Best Football Helmets for Wide Receivers

American football helmet

If you want to play football as a wide receiver, you must consider the best football helmets to protect yourself.


You cannot participate in sports without a really good helmet. Due to the frequent high impact collisions, football is a tough sport for which need you to have maximum protection.


A good helmet is necessary for reducing the impacts of numerous collisions that happen as the game goes on. It saves players from many of the injuries that can possibly happen.


If you need to buy a good football helmet, then you should read about the following 8 best football helmets for wide receivers. These are some of the best models from well known brands.


8 Best Football Helmets for Wide Receivers

1. Riddell Speedflex Adult Football Helmet


The Riddell Speedflex Adult Football Helmet is one of the best types of football gear that you can find. It is the kind of the sports gear that any diehard fan would love to have.


This helmet is made using the latest materials and technology so that you can avoid most injuries that might happen during play. Whether you are practicing or playing a tough match, you can depend on this helmet to protect you from many types of injuries. The helmet also has a faceguard for extra protection.


The shell has robust construction. The helmet shell is comprised of polycarbonate which is a durable material that can protect you when the game is on. The helmet also has the Patented Impact Protection to reduce side impact. This system has been implemented on other parts besides the shell including the clip and facemask. As a result, this football helmet is one of the best models that you can buy.


The helmet has a premium feel and looks like it was made for professionals. There are different colors and sizes available. This helmet represents one of the best choices that you can make if you want to play in the toughest competitions at the highest level.


2. Schutt Air XP Pro


The Schutt Air XP Pro is one of the most affordable helmets available on the market right now. Since it is low cost and exceptionally good in its performance, it offers high value for money.


The helmet is designed especially for university athletes who need to buy affordable gear at economical rates.


There are also customization options available for you to match it with your team uniform. Hence, you can customize the decal, paint and include other add-ons for the perfect looking helmet.


This is a very traditional looking helmet. However, it has plenty of style and good features so that you can play with confidence.


The helmet has the latest version of TPU cushioning. This is a system that leverages dual compression to reduce the severity of both low and high impacts. There is the SUREFIT Air Liner along with jaw pads for the ultimate in comfort. These features help ensure that you have the high level of protection that you need while playing the toughest games.


To provide even greater security and lightness, the material is comprised of polycarbonate material. You can strap on the helmet instantly be securing the soft cup chin strap and the ROPO-DW facemask. You can take advantage of the twist release to remove the facemask in an instant.


There is also a valve attachment in place so that wearers can adjust the helmet at their own convenience for maximum comfort and the best fit.


Schutt is a trusted brand that is known to make really good football gear. The Air XP Pro is another great item the brand has made for the sport. It is one of the economical helmets you can buy without compromising quality.


3. Schutt F7 Professional Youth Football Helmet


Schutt products often rank high on the list of football gear for several good reasons. The brand incorporates the latest technology in its gear to bring out the highest quality. Hence, the Schutt F7 Professional Youth Football Helmet is one of the safest pieces of equipment that you can buy for the sport.


This model is the latest version of the brands renowned F7 range. It has the best score to date in the Virginia Tech STAR Rating System. Hence, this helmet has pretty much all that you could ask for in terms of safety and performance.


Despite being such a safe choice, it is by no means heavy as it weighs just over 4 pounds. The helmet has several features incorporated into it like the Helmet Stabilization System as well as the 3DM Tektonic Plate Technology for evenly spreading the impact of collisions from all directions. This impact spreading ability is bolstered by HSS Stabilizer Pads and TPU cushioning.


To provide even greater security and support, you have synthetic leather front pads. The material helps reduce friction and effectively reduces moisture levels. Since the moisture is easily evaporated away, you do not have to worry about sweat interfering with your vision and causing discomfort.


There is also the SC4 Hard Cup Chin Strap and the Titanium faceguard. You can adjust these features easily for a better fit by using the valve attachment and twist release mechanisms.


This model is the top choice if you are interested in the highest level of protection and comfort.


4. Xenith Youth X2E+ Matte Black Football Helmet


If you want the latest safety features and technology in your football helmet, then you should have a look at Xenith X2E+. The helmet was developed using research that was done on concussions and head injuries caused by football. This is the option that you may want to consider if you are looking for a durable and reliable helmet.


The helmet leverages its own patented Adaptive Head Protection mechanism. This system aims to give you the perfect custom fit to substantially reduce collision impact. Although this helmet is marketed towards younger players, it is a great choice for the professional level as well. That is because it is made with the same level of craftsmanship and quality materials as professional-grade equipment. Just by inspecting the material, you can tell that this is a premium level helmet.


The shell is comprised of ABS plastic. This choice of material makes the helmet durable as well as lightweight. It has a shock absorption mechanism due to which the helmet can adapt to collisions. As a result, it is one of the best football gear for reducing the severity of impact.


There are several other useful features in the helmet like the Hybrid chin cup, 3XD jaw guards and Dual Density comfort pads.


The helmet is more than adequate for young players who are participating in medium to advanced level competitions. There are various sizes and colors available for you to choose from.


5. Riddell NCAA Revolution Speed Pro Line Helmet

ASIN: B081D666HF

Do you want a football helmet that is good enough for the professional level? Then you should take a look at the Riddel NCAA Revolution Helmet.


You should know that this helmet is what professional stars use to play their games. If the pros are using it, then it must certainly be among the best. For Riddell is one of the most prominent names in the sport that is renowned for its quality helmets.


A lot of research has gone into making these helmets. Hence, these helmets are among the best that you will find for injury prevention and protection. The Riddell NCAA Revolution Speed Pro Line Helmet is the culmination of years of painstaking research and development.


The helmet is full-size and it sports a sleek design. For added support, there is the 4 point chin strap as well as internal padding for comfort. The helmet also has the same facemask the professional players have in their versions of the helmet. As a result, many consider this helmet to be the overall best.


Whether you are a professional player, a college athlete or just a football enthusiast, you will find the Riddell NCAA Revolution Speed Pro Line is the right choice to make. You can’t go wrong with this top-rated helmet.


6. Xenith Shadow XR


Although the Xenith Shadow XR was launched very recently, it has gained a lot of attention thanks to its extraordinary quality. It is among the best football helmets available in the market today.


The Xenith Shadow XR is one of the best helmets for preventing concussions.


You may be wondering what is so special about this helmet. The shell is made of proprietary polymer material due to which it is both tough and lightweight. The helmet also leverages RHEON cells spread and compress all sorts of hits. These cells mitigate both linear as well as rotational impact. Hence, this reduces the risk of injury and concussion.


The inner cushion is designed so that it adapts to the ideal shape for the one wearing it. When the wearer experiences impact, then the technology acts to reduce the severity. The Adaptive Fit System is a patented design that allows for a personalized and thus secure fit.


The helmet can work for a wide range of temperatures. Hence, you can stay cool and dry even as the game heats up. Since the helmet is washable and waterproof, maintaining it will not be too hard.


The helmet is suitable for high school, college and NFL. The helmet is designed to last a decade. Hence, this will keep your investment safe for a longer time.


7. Riddell Victor Youth Helmet


The Riddell Victor Youth helmet is perfect for youngsters who dream of playing at the professional level.


You cannot take it easy and relax when kids are playing football since injuries can happen even with kids. It is not just grown-ups who get injured. However, you can feel reassured by providing your kids with the top-quality Riddell Victor Youth Helmet, which has safety standards and features found in pro-level helmets.


The top-rated has all that you could ask for. The helmet has got the patented Side Impact Protection system for which Riddell is popular. It also has inflatable S-jaw pads  and a fitted liner. The comfort liner is something that you will really appreciate for the high level of comfort.


Besides providing comfort, the over liner acts as extra padding to accommodate heads of different shapes and sizes. The helmet allows you to take a lot of hits without feeling too much pain. Since the overliner is so light, it does not increase the helmet’s weight.


If you are concerned about your child’s safety, you should buy this helmet.


8. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3+ Youth Football Helmet


With the Schutt Sports Vengeance A3+ Youth Football Helmet, you can find a good mix of design and quality. The helmet has most things that young athletes will need when starting their football journey. The helmet’s overall construction is robust. The materials used to make this helmet have been rigorously tested for safety.


There is a lot to like about this helmet. The shell is made so that it is lightweight yet durable and strong. Besides the exterior, you will find safety and comfort features in the interior as well.


The helmet has TPU cushioning that can withstands both high and low impacts. The inflatable SUREFIT air liner helps you to customize the helmet perfectly for yourself. Thanks to the inter-link jaw pads you have extra support for your lower face. Hence, the Schutt Vengeance is scoreds well in terms of safety as well as comfort.


Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best brands, you can choose any one of the 8 best football helmets for wide receivers mentioned above for added safety on the football field.