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Best Football Helmet Visors

football helmet visor

Interested in getting yourself the best football helmet visors? That’s a great idea because you owe it to yourself to avail the best available protection.


A nice football helmet visor goes far beyond eye protection. It keeps your eyes much safer, it can also boost performance, especially if you need contact lenses or glasses.


You can’t afford to play a game without one. Eye injuries are one of the most common in football. Even a small poke to the eye can have devastating lifelong consequences.


But with the profusion of visors in the market, it may be hard to tell which one is right.


If you need protective gear that does not get in the way, you should read about the best football helmet visors mentioned below to find one that fits your needs.


EliteTek Football Visor

Asin: B07GRGFPZ4

The EliteTek football visor works well for grown-ups and young ones alike. Its two-clip mechanism allows users to take off and attach the visor effortlessly.


This is a top-rated visor with a very high level of customer satisfaction. The visor is made of rugged optical polycarbonate material and has surface treatments for scratch resistance and anti-fogging. This visor does a good job of keeping out UV rays that can harm your eyes.


It also prevents glare, which can obstruct your vision at the worst possible moment. The visor controls light intensity so that you can enjoy the optimal vision and thus better performance on the football field.


Installing this visor on cascade helmets may be a tad bit fiddly. However, the effort is worth it since you get a great fit and all of the benefits mentioned above.


All in all, this visor is so well-designed that it is hard to find fault with it.


Oakley Football Shield


Thanks to its superior materials and design, the Oakley football shield boasts super user satisfaction. The above-par durability can be attributed to high-tech plutonite, that is a proprietary synthetic material. This space-age material is extremely resilient to distortion and capable of withstanding strong impacts without deformation.


Thanks to its surface coatings and treatments, the visor minimizes visual distortions. It also keeps your eyes safe from the damaging effects of UV rays. It shields your eyes well from intense sun rays without interfering with your vision. The design and optical clarity allow for unhindered lateral vision.


The shield fits snugly owing to a good design and an efficient manufacturing process that leverages state-of-the-art injection molding.


Another feature worth talking about is the AFR lens coating. Hence, it is resistant to fogging and the buildup of scratches.


Barnett Visor Eye Shield


The Barnett eye shield is a very successful and highly acclaimed piece of protective gear that football fans need to try out.


The universal fit makes this eyeshield usable for football players of all ages.


The visor incorporates a two-clip mechanism for effortless detachment and installation. You can use the visor quite quickly without worrying about it coming loose, thanks to the snug fit.


Scratch and fog-resistant surface coating ensure that you enjoy lucid vision that will help you greatly while playing the game. Fog-resistant coating means that you can play under all sorts of weather conditions without the hindrance of any kind. So hot and humid weather will not lead to the buildup of fog that could obscure your vision and impact your game.


Not only does it control light intensity, it can also stop the infiltration of damaging UV rays.


Since there is no tint, you can enjoy full clarity while harnessing all the benefits of an effective eye shield that just works.


Under Armour Kids Football Visor


The Under Armour kids football visor may be a great choice for younger football players due to its great fit and fine features. As a result, the young football crowd highly regarded this protective eyewear.


This is a great gift that you can bestow on young ones in your life who are passionate about the sport. The visor is compatible with helmets of different sizes.


The visor is made of standard polycarbonate material that is tough, durable and shatter-resistant. Due to the choice of materials, this item is lighter than many other competing products. Hence, this visor will not feel distracting or cumbersome while playing.


Surface treatments and coatings make this eyeshield fog and scratch-resistant. Hence, there won’t be an accumulation of scratches that might impede vision. Nor will there be condensation under hot and humid conditions that can impact sight and performance.


Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

ASIN: B0089286SO

The Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield is a top choice for budding football players.


The wrapped lens purveys an optimal mix of properties to help young players remain at the top of their game. The smooth contour means that young ones can enjoy undistorted and unobstructed vision in all directions.


This protective eye gear rocks high aesthetic appeal. And it has the performance to match. With its fog and scratch-resistant coatings, the visor can continue to provide unimpeded vision well into the future.


Included attachments allow the visor to absorb shocks and high force efficiently. Hence, there is less likelihood that the glass will crack at the edges, which are the main points of high impact.


This visor is compatible with many different kinds of helmets available on the market.


Our Final Thoughts

The best football helmet visors shown above can keep you safe and on top of your game. They purvey an optimal blend of features that provide great value for money.


If you love playing the game regularly, then investing in a top visor is imperative since eye injuries are frequent in football.