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Best Football Gloves for Wide Receivers

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Taking all catches that come your way is essential for winning the game. A single good catch can turn the match around. A lot is riding on each catch that you take. Hence, you need to be aware of the best football glovers for wide receivers so that you can play your role reliably.


Wide receivers need gloves that provide the optimal combination of protection and grip. They can give you the edge that you need to outdo your opponents.


Good gloves are the key to giving it your best as a wide receiver. They won’t help you become an expert, but they will provide you with the support that you need to take the toughest catches.


Here are the best football gloves for wide receivers.


6 best football gloves for wide receivers.

1. Cutters Gamer Padded Football Glove


Cutters Gamer padded football gloves are among the very best in hybrids. They have plenty of padding, which can be useful to you as a wide receiver.


The padding is definitely slightly lighter in the Cutters Gamer padded football glove. Hence, it is ideal for wide receivers since it gives them the optimal mix of padding and support.


Since the padding is not too heavy, they feel very much like conventional receiver gloves. However, they have padding in the right places to give you protection where you need it.


This may be a small point, but it can make quite a difference. You can wear these gloves to protect the back of your hands from injuries. Besides avoiding injuries, you will also avoid scrapes and cuts that wide receivers are prone to.


Ordinary wide receiver gloves are often so thin that you will not escape cuts and scrapes altogether. But with these gloves, you can finally say goodbye to these annoyances.


The panelling is broken up into different sections so that your hand can flex freely while taking catches. The result is great protection without the cumbersome padding that gets in the way.


The design is cleverly done. The padding has been set up to keep a part between your wrist and knuckles completely free. Cutters has made good use of smart design here. Rather than making the conventional side vent, they have created one large vent towards the back.


So despite its padding, the glove is still breathable. The palm area is also perforated so that there can be good ventilation. Although these are small features, they can make a difference. Hence, you get good ventilation with a lot of pudding and none of the stuffiness that comes with such configurations.


These gloves are made to be quite durable. Hence, they can probably last a season or two without tearing.


2. Nike Vapor Jet 5.0


The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 is a top pair of gloves on the market right now. These gloves have all that you would want from such a design and there virtually no caveats.


One major advantage of these gloves is their tackiness. It is one of the best that you will find on the market right now. Nike compares this technology with a magnet. It does feel at times that the ball is firmly attached to your gloves.


Thanks to the light and thoughtful design, the Vapor Jet 5.0 provides brilliant performance with its exceptional build quality. The compressive fit means that the glove settles snugly on your hands. It won’t become loose that easily.


The major drawback is that glove is not as light as other gloves owing to the padding used. However, these gloves are still overall light and weight is not a problem.


The good fit does not constrain your movement.


These gloves are extremely flexible. Hence, your hand can go through the full range of motion with these gloves on since they aren’t restrictive.


These gloves are good for bending your hand downwards with ease. This is something to take note of since many gloves that are heavy are lacking in this key aspect.


In addition to the numerous impressive features, these gloves are also highly breathable. At the back of these gloves is a mesh design that allows for sufficient ventilation so that your hands stay cool. Hence, your hands won’t sweat much in humid conditions.


3. Under Armour Men’s Fierce VI


The Under Armour Men’s Fierce has a solid reputation and you can see why. Although there is one little flaw, overall, this glove gives you a good mix of mobility and protection.


One key reason why you might want to don these gloves is that they have plenty of protection in the right places. Hence, there is padding over the thumb and fingers to save you from scrapes and cuts.


Under Armour has managed to add plenty of protection without making these gloves too hefty. This is a major plus point for people who are looking for a hybrid glove.


The padding will feel great if you are accustomed to playing with specialized receiver gloves. You will appreciate the extra protection that you get from these gloves.


A key aspect is that while wearing this glove, your hand will not feel any sense of load. Hence, you can wear these gloves and enjoy full freedom.


These gloves also great for gripping the ball. The tackiness is among the finest that you will note in wide receiver gloves. This is good news for those who will be taking match winning catches.


This should not come as a surprise since Under Armour has applied the GrabTack technology to these gloves along the palms and fingers.


One of the key concerns with hybrid gloves is that they are not quite as light as specialist wide receiver gloves. These gloves are an answer to these concerns.


Since there is a tacky exterior towards the front and pads on the back, you might be thinking that these gloves will heat your hands up quite a bit.


However, Under Armour has done a good job at making sure that these gloves are highly breathable and thus comfortable to wear for extended time frames. Hence, your hands will not become as sweaty as they do in other heavily padded gloves.


The material used for these gloves is breathable and it wicks away sweat efficiently. One good design feature is that there are vents on the side to keep cool.


The only real issue with these gloves are the finger protectors. Since they are quite think, they do offer some resistance when you are bending your hand. However, you might soon get the hang of it and won’t notice it. And this is a small price to pay for the freedom that you will get from cuts and scrapes.


4. Cutters Rev Pro 3.0


You will really like the grip you will get from the Cutters Rev Pro 3.0. The great grip has become even better in this latest version of the Cutters Rev Pro.


The level of tackiness in wide receiver gloves is often high due to which it is hard to tell the difference. But with these gloves on, you can feel the difference right away.


Cutters have got it just right. These are one of the best gloves available in the market and make catching the ball much more enjoyable. You can make good use of these gloves’ support for catching the ball.


Those who see a strong grip on the ball will like the level of control that these gloves extend. These gloves are also made to perform well under all kinds of weather conditions.


The problem with other gloves is that they lose tackiness when they get wet. But these gloves don’t lose any of their tackiness even when it is raining. Hence, they deliver consistent results under all sorts of weather conditions.


However, there is one catch to consider. These gloves may not be the most durable. That is a pity since they feel great. It is apparent that these gloves are made from durable materials on the outside. However, the stitching is a bit delicate and it can give way under rough use.


Wide receiver gloves are subjected to a high level of wear and tear, so this is a key factor to consider. Although these gloves are outstanding in their performance, they are not the best in terms of durability.


5. Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves


There is a lot to like about the Battle Ultra-Stick football gloves. These gloves have a good deal of weather resistance and they are fairly tacky. These gloves are backed by a great guarantee so they will give you much peace of mind.


The biggest issue with football gloves is that they can start fraying after just a few games. Gloves will inevitably fall apart after several hard games. However, there are some gloves that last longer and don’t fray that easily. The Battle Ultra-Stick football glove is one of them.


These football gloves have reinforced stitching as well as seams that are designed to improve durability. Hence, these gloves can take a lot of punishment before they finally start tearing. These gloves last longer than many others.


The brand is so confident about the glove’s ruggedness, that they have a 90-day guarantee. This will give you a sense of peace when you are playing your toughest games.


The tacky palms are among the very best. They provide you with plenty of control and extra grip so that you can take catches with greater ease. They can even work well when they are wet. Gloves often become less tacky when wet, but not this one.


Hence, you can rely on these gloves even when playing in the rain. This is a big advantage since rain can make life a lot tougher for wide receivers. Not only does the ball become slippery and thus harder to grip, but gloves also lose their tackiness. Hence, even good gloves perform poorly in the rain. However, these gloves give consistent performance even during rainfall.


The wrist area is highly flexible so that you can rotate your hand freely through its full range of motions without impediment.


Battle Ultra-Stick gloves are better than most receiver gloves at protecting your hands. Although they are more protective, they are not as cumbersome.


6. Under Armour Boys’ F6 Youth


The Under Armour Boy’s F6 Youth gloves fit perfectly, have a great deal of tack and do the job brilliantly.


HeatGear fabric is used in its construction. This fabric helps wick away sweat from your hands so that they remain dry and cool. As a result, these gloves provide lots of protection while being breathable at the same time. Your hands must remain dry since sweat can make it more difficult for you to catch the ball. These gloves are good at wicking away moisture from the hands.


Since the fabric is flexible and light, you can enjoy the full range of motion with utmost ease and comfort. They are not so thick and heavy that they feel restrictive.


The patented Under Armour GrabTack technology gives these gloves a superior grip so that you can take catches with confidence. This is one of the best materials in the market for making the palm of the glove sticky so that you can hold on to catches. Another benefit of this material is that it is more durable and robust compared to other materials you find in the market.


Bottom Line

The best football gloves for wide receivers shown above can help you with your game to take match-winning catches.