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Best Football Gloves For Linebackers

Discover the seven best football gloves for linebackers here!

A footballer without gloves is quite a rare sight. A linebacker without gloves is almost impossible! Football gloves are the must-haves for every linebacker. Gloves boost your performance and promise hand safety on the rough field as you play an intense game.


As you prepare your football kit, you can never afford to miss the football gloves. As you decide to buy the football gloves, you’ll see several options in the market. Be sure to get the best football gloves for linebackers that are durable and promise you a successful ball maneuvering.


We’ll offer seven of the best football gloves to help you make your final selection quicker. Read along to discover a few factors to consider as you buy your dream football gloves as well!


2 Crucial Reasons Why Linebackers Should Invest In The Best Football Gloves

Your position in the football team affects what football gloves work best for you. Every position is in charge of particular responsibility and hence, need different gloves to protect them from.


Running backs, quarterbacks, and linebackers all need different football gloves to help them play their best. Now, what benefits do football gloves offer to linebackers? Here are a few of them to consider.


1. Avoid Direct Ball Impact

Linebackers are in charge of rigorous football impacts. If you’re not wearing football gloves, you could cause severe injuries to your hands. The best football gloves for linebackers offer exceptional padding. That helps relieve some strain from your hands and keep them at a distance from the ball.


2. Offer Friction

Football gloves allow some friction between the gloves and the ball. That assists you to get a better grip on the football without worrying about dropping it. Gloves enable you to catch and throw the ball to your team members quicker and smoother.


Football is all about your speed and tactics. If you can’t pass the ball around faster, your opponents will steal it and make scores. You don’t want that to happen, though. That’s why football gloves for linebackers are such vital components to adorn.


7 Best Football Gloves For Linebackers

1. Sports Unlimited Max Clash Football Gloves (ASIN: B089DPBVQP)

If you’re looking for football gloves with the best padding, go for the Sports Unlimited Max Clash. They offer a backhand padding that covers your hands entirely while allowing you to move your hands with complete flexibility.


The padding saves your hands from even minor injuries because of the reduced impact of the football. Having a thick layer between your hand and the ball means less worrying about your hand damages and more focus on passing the ball around your team, away from the opponents.


In addition, the football gloves also come with durable neoprene wrist wraps. The Velcro closure keeps the gloves fit on your hands, eliminating the risk of losing the gloves because of a strong ball pass. These gloves stick to your hands, protect them like loyal soldiers, and enable you to play like a pro on the field.


3. Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves (ASIN: B07SN5BYN7)

The Under Armour F7 football gloves are the epitome of outstanding breathability and intense durability. The gloves are a solid investment that sticks with you for a long time. The TurfGear back offers a comfortable fit for your hands and keeps them protected from harsh contact with the ball.


The gloves are the ideal level of comfort. They aren’t too stifling nor hanging off your hand that you can’t focus on anything except tightening the gloves every few minutes. The gloves also contain a UA glue grip that prevents the gloves from falling off or feeling loose on your hands.


Players may have different preferences for the size of the gloves. While some may prefer an extremely tight fit, others may value a regular or a looser one more. The Under Armour F7 gloves have an adjustable closure to suit every taste! You can wear the gloves and get a more customized fit based on your preferences.


The only issue a few football players may have with the gloves is the glittery back. But then again, football doesn’t mean dullness. Adding a subtle trendiness to your football gloves doesn’t harm, after all!


4. Nike Men’s Superbad 4.5 Football Gloves (ASIN: B07F7FB9BB)

One cannot express enough about the greatness of the Nike Super Bad 4.5 football gloves. Do you know why these are some of the best football gloves for linebackers? The football gloves are lightweight, stretchable, and offer you an optimal secured catching area.


The gloves contain polyester, spandex, nylon, silicone, and synthetic leather- some of the most breathable materials for sportswear. The gloves feel super light on your hands and save them from sudden and powerful ball impacts. Their knitted design further helps boost the comfortability of the gloves. You can adorn them and not feel constrained as you perform your ultimate best on the field.


Even the back of the gloves contains a high level of spandex, offering distinct robustness even during a rough game. The sticky palm area further helps you catch the ball efficiently and keep it secure as you get away from the opposing team members. The soft cushioning with excellent protection and ball-handling makes these gloves one of the must-own gloves for linebackers.


5. Adidas Freak 4.0 Padded Football Gloves (ASIN: B07QQGXC5L)

Do leather gloves cause you immense discomfort? The Adidas Freak 4.0 comes to save your day! These padded football gloves for linebackers contain synthetic material and promise a smooth performance for your next match.


The ultra-advanced football gloves offer you an unmatched firm grip. The GripTack technology allows the palm area to cling to your hands and handle the football with ease that wows even yourself!


The Freak 4.0s are also weather-friendly. Regardless of whether it’s a rainy season or there’s a crisp chill in the air. You get to worry about nothing disturbing your confidence as you play your best. The football gloves are suitable for every weather, always providing the same sticky and comfortable wear.


Linebackers have high risks of sustaining injuries on their thumbs due to a quick pass or throw of the ball. That’s where the Adidas Freak 4.0 gloves act as your superheroes. The football gloves offer a broad and dense molding that covers your thumb and the back of your hand. The density of the padding helps in protecting your hand much better than numerous other gloves.


The ideal part about the Freak 4.0s is that they’re still moisture-resistant, even with thick molding. Even if you experience incredibly sweaty palms, the football gloves ensure that your hands feel as relaxed as possible. The AeroReady technology helps keep the moisture away as best as possible.


6. Grip Boost Peace, Shaka, And Hook Football Gloves (ASIN: B0849LFWYH)

The Grip Boost Peace, Shaka, And Hook ‘Em football gloves deliver a strong grip, secure fit, and a pleasant feel. The gloves contain an additional layer that boosts your gripping skills and enables you to showcase a top-quality performance.


In addition, these football gloves for linebackers also offer a stretchable material with high compression. That helps you fit the gloves based on your hand size. They settle into the structure of your fingers and add that touch of personalization because these gloves stick! Say goodbye to the hassle of too fit or too loose gloves and experience a snugness that assists you in playing like a pro.


Moisture resistance is an essential value adder for every football or athletic kit. Lucky for you, the Grip Boost football gloves have fantastic ventilation that avoids sweat and humidity. That feature makes the gloves suitable for every weather and season. From rainy times to sunny days, these football gloves guide you to give the match your best shot and make your coach proud!


7. Pure Athlete Football Gloves (ASIN: B07SXBKX3B)

The Pure Athlete Football Gloves are the dream gloves for elegant linebackers who prioritize a top-notch game. These football gloves have a two-way stretchability- the light fabric doesn’t feel like an obstacle as you catch and throw the ball.


The lightweight feature also assists you in keeping the gloves close to your hand- but not too tight. The mesh on the gloves further prevents you from feeling too hot and unable to move your hands freely. Add the stretchability into the mix, and you get some of the best football gloves for linebackers.


Feeling the moisture pooling on your palms can be a challenge for maintaining your concentration during the game. If you wear football gloves with low breathability, that can be a nightmare. The Pure Athlete Football Gloves have a silicone coating that avoids obstacles like changing weather to cause an issue for your performance.


These football gloves for linebackers are the perfect package that helps you feel comfortable and avoid all hurdles that may distract you during the match.


8. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves (ASIN: B00KE6O24U)

Do you value sticky palms the most for the qualities of football gloves? If yes, then the Battel Double Threat Football Gloves are a mighty component for your football clothing. These gloves offer the best sticky palm area for a fine fitting. The gloves mold around your hand contours and refuse to move from their placement no matter how quickly or rashly you move your hands.


The hooks and loops on the Velcro wrist wraps add on to make these gloves ultra-comfortable without restraining your movements. Moreover, the Battle Double Threat gloves contain impressive ventilation that enables your hands to remain dry and cool as you play an intense match.


A plus point: you can get the gloves in 11 colors. That certainly helps you match your outfit and the football gloves and look smashing as you enjoy spectacular field time!


4 Tips When Buying Gloves For Linebackers

As you buy football gloves for linebackers, ideally, you should invest in a pair that offers you a smooth field time without causing you discomfort. So, be sure to prioritize these four factors!


1. Material

The best football gloves for linebackers should be stitched using the best high-quality materials. You want to buy gloves that benefit you all year round, in every season and weather. Stretchable and synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are two of the best materials for football gloves.


9. Seams Vs. Seamless

Seamless football gloves are always a more optimal pick. They offer you a better fit and even have more chances of protecting your hands even during intense cold or wet weather. The football gloves with reinforced seams are worthy substitutes if you’re not going for the seamless ones.


10. Chic Style

The way you dress affects the way you play. You’d be surprised to know that your dressing has a massive impact on your performance. Uplift your self-confidence as you get a pair of stylish and trendy football gloves for linebackers. Apart from the brand, you should also look out for gloves with an appealing design, sleek colors, and a chic style. Such football gloves do wonders to enhance your self-assurance.


11. Ventilation

Breathability is a critical factor for football gloves. If your hands feel restrained and sweaty, you don’t be able to concentrate on the match. Therefore, you should go for gloves that offer mesh between the fingers. That with the ventilated backhands encourage air to pass through your hand. That helps avoid sweaty and hot hands and provides a pleasant field time.


Our Final Thoughts

Our guide included everything you needed to know about the best football gloves for linebackers. Why do you need them, essential pointers when shopping for them, and most importantly, the best ones to buy from?


For the second step, you can assess the features of all the options we offered above and see what gloves fulfill your requirements the best. Choose your priorities from style and looks to durability and versatility, and add the perfect football gloves for linebackers to your cart. Play an unforgettable match because you’ve got some classy football gloves on!