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Best Football Cleats for Turf

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From split-second decisions to unbelievable catches, you need to be ready for anything when you are out on the field – especially your cleats. Football cleats have unique features that set them apart from cleats for other sports. However, you are overwhelmed buying the best football cleats for turf with so many options to choose from. But there is a football cleat for you depending on how you play the game. So how do you find the best football cleat?


Athletic brands like Nike, Addidas, and Under Armour release numerous football cleats, making it difficult to choose the best one. We have tested several pairs on turf before narrowing them down to the ones mentioned below.


These football cleats are excellent on turf and can help you run like the wind. Plus, these cleats have a firm grip reducing slippage during the game. So without further delay, let’s get started.


1. Best Overall: Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat


The most versatile and comfortable Cleats by Nike are the Edge Pro 360. These football shoes are excellent for quarterbacks, receivers, and other football position players. Designed for speed, these cleats have a stud layout to give excellent traction to pull off game-changing moves. You can easily maneuver on the turf with a pair of Nike Edge Pro 360.


It has an internal full-foot plate that provides flexibility with breathable cuffs. The unique ghost lacing system tightens with a quick pull and is hidden for a clean look. These cleats are ten on ten in terms of design and durability. Choose from an assortment of colors and get ready to show your game-changing moves on the gridiron.


2. Best Mid-Cut: Nike Force Savage Pro 2 Mens Football Cleats


Mid-cut cleats give an excellent balance between speed, maneuverability, and stability, making them versatile for football players. The Nike Force Savage Pro 2 is lightweight and gives you complete control over your foot movement on the turf.


The internal pads cup your heels so that your foot doesn’t slip while you cut and cross on the turf. These cleats have a strong base that keeps you steady and sticks in the ground as you land your foot. Their webbing and velcro straps lock your feet, so you don’t slip on the field.


The synthetic leather upper enhances the support and durability of these cleats. The Nike For Savage Pro 2 offers colors that pop and make you stand out on the field.


3. Best for Wide Feet: Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoes


If you find some football cleats too narrow or tight, the Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoes are a good choice. You’ll appreciate the extra space in the shoes, providing room for your feet to rest comfortably. The Under Armour Men’s RM Football shoes have synthetic upper just like the Nike Force Savage Pro 2. These shoes also have a full-length EVA midsole, breathable textile linings.


All of these features combined deliver a comfortable experience on the turf for people with wide feet. You can power through long practice hours without breaking a sweat! These cleats are supportive and durable, covering all the basics you need in a high-quality pair of football shoes.


4. Best Detachable: Under Armour Men’s Hammer D Football Shoe


These lightweight and supportive cleats are precisely what a lineman needs to pull a winning game. The ankle is supported with a mid-cut, and you get plenty of mobility. The full-length cushion insole gives a comfortable feel to your feet on the turf. You also get remarkable traction with detachable studs, which can be changed when worn out.


All in all, these cleats are excellent for maintaining balance on the turf. You can quickly maneuver your feet without slipping. Plus, the stud has a firm grip on the turf allowing your feet to stick to the ground.


5. Best Hightop Football Cleats: Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleats


This synthetic cleat is excellent for those looking for a bit more cushion for their feet on the turf. That is why we have deemed them as the best high-top football cleats. The Under Armour Men’s MC Lacrosse features UA ClutchFit technology, creating a second skin that molds the ankle. Plus, the UA ClutchFit technology gives powerful support.


The extra feel is something you’ll only find on high-top cleats. Plus, these cleats give you an extra push and drive, reducing the chances of an on-field injury. All in all, these cleats have the best high top and comfortable cushioning, allowing you to focus on the game, not on your feet.


6. Best for Running Backs: Adidas Performance Men’s Filthyspeed Low Football Cleat


These Adidas performance Filthyspeed low football cleats are the best cleats for running backs. This is because these cleats provide excellent stability, cushioning, and comfort. They have a robust construction giving you all the confidence you need on the turf.


The best part about the Adidas performance Filthyspeed low cleats is that they come with detachable studs. This means you can prolong the life of your cleats by switching their studs when they are worn out.


The advantage of putting on new studs is evident as soon as you touch the grass. They have an excellent trip and traction to help you maneuver through the opponent team. These cleats are designed for speed, so you can run faster because of their solid grip around your feet.


7. Best Soundless Cleats: Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Mens Football Cleats


The Alpha Menace Pro is Nike’s 3rd entry on our list. We couldn’t help but mention it on the list after testing these amazing professional-level cleats. For starters, they are the quietest cleats you’ll wear as they make little to no sound on the turf. Plus, they have a firm grip considering their lightweight.


You won’t feel like carrying any additional weight on your feet when you are blazing through the football field. These cleats will keep you in your position when you want to stand and help you power through when you want to run. They have strong cushioning on the midsole area, absorbing shock and reducing impact.


The lightweight of these cleats keeps you one step ahead of the competition. And from the starting whistle to the ending horn, you’ll keep blazing without feeling any soreness or pain in your foot.


8. Best Low Top Football Cleats: Adidas Adizero 5-Star 5.0 Mens Football Cleat 15 White

ASIN: B0163G96EA

Adidas has achieved something near perfect with these best low-top football cleats. The Adizero 5-star cleats feature the best all-purpose low-cut football cleats in the market. These cleats won’t blow you out of the water with one feature, but they are well-rounded for support and stability. These cleats will improve your route running, speed, and traction on the turf.


Plus, the Adizero features a unique shape that’ll keep your feet firm on the ground. The midsole has ample cushioning to prevent impact and protect your feet. These cleats are excellent for both grass and turf, providing excellent balance and grip.


What to Look For In Football Cleats?

Football cleats help you focus on the game instead of thinking about your feet. So if you want to stop worrying about injuries, here is what you should look for in the best football cleat for turf.


1. Cut Type

The cut of the cleat is a crucial aspect when it comes to choosing the best football cleat for turf. Depending on your position, you might benefit from a different cut than what’s commonly preferred. For instance, most football players prefer mid-cut because of their firm grip and mobility. However, some go for the high or low cut because they have experienced injuries and want their foot to feel more relaxed and comfortable.


2. Midsole and Outsole

The midsole of your cleats is responsible for keeping your feet cushioned and safe from injuries. To prevent setbacks during the game, your cleats should have a well-cushioned midsole or insole. The cushioning in the midsole area prevents impact and absorbs shock keeping your feet safe from harm. For maximum traction and stability, look for a pair of cleats with an excellent grip on the outsole of the shoe tip.


3. Material

Some players prefer leather cleats because they comfortably wrap around your feet and absorb most impacts. Plus, leather is durable and less prone to damage than synthetic cleats. However, kids who quickly outgrow their cleats should go for synthetic ones because they are budget-friendly. However, if you are willing to buy cleats for a lifetime, leather should be your prime choice.


4. Size

Examine your cleat material before choosing the best size cleats for your feet. Depending on the material of your cleat, you can estimate how much or how little your shoes will stretch over the test of time. For instance, cleats made from synthetic materials won’t stretch much over time. Therefore, buying the perfect-sized cleats in synthetic material is the best choice.


However, leather is prone to stretching over time. So going for a cleat that’s half or one size smaller than your feet is a good option. You might feel uncomfortable for a couple of games, but your cleats will soon stretch and fit your feet perfectly. The advantage of buying leather cleats is that they wrap around your feet like an extra layer of skin.


After checking the material, you should walk around wearing your cleats. Notice if your heel is slipping out or not. Your cleats should fit you perfectly regardless of what material you are buying. If your heel slips out, those aren’t your size. Moreover, it’s best to have enough room in the front of your cleats to allow your feet to rest. Otherwise, you are making yourself vulnerable to injuries.


Types of Football Cleats

Depending on your position and court, you have two types of cleats to choose from. One is a detachable cleat that offers customizability at the cost of traction. The other type of cleat limits your options but provides tremendous grip on the turf.


1. Detachable Cleats

True to their name, detachable cleats have studs that can be removed when they are worn out. This option prolongs the life of your cleats because worn-out studs don’t hold well on turf. Plus, your foot placement is disturbed if the studs in your cleat are worn out.


Detachable cleats are an excellent option for practice games. They aren’t the best choice for an actual match because you will constantly worry about your studs coming out of your cleats during the match. However, you can customize your cleats according to your preference with detachable studs.


2. Molded Cleats

These cleats come with studs that are permanently attached to the sole. There is no option to switch studs, so you are pretty much limited here. However, molded cleats provide excellent traction and stability on turf. But you can’t customize your cleats. This isn’t too big of a problem if you are playing on fixed courts.


Our Thoughts

We were blown away with the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat among several cleats we tested. They are designed for speed, plus they provide excellent grip and cushioning. You won’t feel like carrying extra weight on your feet because these cleats are as light as a feather.


Finding the best football cleats for turf isn’t easy. We reviewed several cleats before writing this review. Our purpose is to help you find the perfect cleats for your game style and position. Hence the above list is curated with the “best of” title for each cleat.