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Best Football Cleats for Running Backs

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Football is a tough, challenging and gruelling game. Running backs, commonly known as offensive players who carry the ball on running play, are extremely important for their teams. Their performance can prove to be decisive for the match outcome.


7 Best Football Cleats for Running Backs

For good performance, running backs need a good pair of cleats. They should check out the best football cleats for running backs so that they can be on top of their game.


1. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD Football


The Men’s Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD football cleat is notable for its elegant design and high performance. Several of its features are visible to the human eye.


Since this pair is so light and comfortable, it feels very nice to wear. This is one of the lightest cleats that Nike has developed in years.


With this pair of cleats, Nike has produced football shoes that can assist you in boosting your athletic performance. These shoes feel very light to wear while giving a good deal of traction. You can benefit from the improved contact that the shoes provide with all kinds of surfaces.


The Men’s Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD football cleat is made from Flyweave technology. It keeps your feet stable and facilitates the full range of motion for your feet. It has enough durability and stability to prevent ankle flipping and other similar injuries.


The upper part of the shoe is made up of one piece. The pair features a low cut design to give maximum freedom to your foot. It is designed to help you reach top speed and play your best game. The studs dig deep to provide you with plenty of traction on the field.


The cushioning studs are strategically placed so that you can change directions quickly without slipping.


2. Nike Mens Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats


Nike continues to make several good football cleats that help players during the game. One of these is the Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD football cleat.


One of the most impressive aspects of this shoe is the easily visible ankle support. Hence, these football shoes provide a high degree of stability that running backs need.


This pair provides you with plenty of comfort, coverage and support that can allow you to improve your game. Thanks to its medium-high collar, it can securely wrap around your ankles for lots of support.


For extra comfort, a flexible cushion has been included at the bottom. The area has plenty of padding for solid performance. There are seven detachable spikes at the bottom that are made of TPU. They provide you with adequate contact that you need to stay stable and on your feet at all times.


The shoes wrap securely around your feet and thus help you to provide good performance on the field. The pair gives decent performance under different environments and conditions. You can break into these shoes without issues.


The pair is designed to get the best experience possible and enjoy the game. These shoes are durable and visually appealing as well.


If you want low cut cleats, then this is the pair to consider. The shoe is light and strong. It can provide good ankle protection without impeding your running speed.


3. Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 Mens Football Cleat


The Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 Men’s Football cleat is what you need for good performance during the big game. These cleats are affordable and they provide good value for money. You can reach top speed with ease in these shoes. Players like the speed and agility they can develop while wearing these shoes.


The Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 is built for high speed and maximum performance. This version is the latest development on the Vapor Untouchable that was introduced in 2019. The latest iteration has been improved using feedback gained from football players.


A fly knit top is in place with a NIKESKIN coating for extra durability. The pair helps you to move quickly in all directions. There is wider space between studs to have an improved grip for making quick cuts and runs.


The inner cushion is highly flexible. A cuff made of breathable material can enclose your ankle to give you more comfort and support. The lacing system helps you to securely lock the shoe in place.


You can pick from several different bold as well as standard colors. These shoes will help you to give your best performance during the biggest games.


The Nike Vapor 360 is one of the best football cleats for running backs. It is a versatile pair that can work equally well for supporters, receivers and midfielders. It can help you to burst to full speed in less time. Rivets are placed in a wide layout to improve surface contact so that you can make game-winning maneuvers.


4. Under Armour Women’s Showstopper Football Shoe


The Under Armour Women’s Showstopper Football shoe is an interesting new pair that the brand has produced. The shoe leverages a couple of technologies to provide great performance.


You can enjoy lots of comfort while wearing this pair. No break-in time is necessary for this versatile pair. The shoe has plenty of cushioning for added support and comfort. It is made up of durable and light synthetic materials.


Composite materials are used in the cushion so that you can continue giving great performance. The pair has several positive reviews. The high comfort level is one of the several reasons for positive testimonials.


The upper part of the shoe is designed to wrap comfortably around your foot. Hence, you will be able to play your best games since the shoe is both lightweight and durable. There is also a nicely molded heel lining which can add to your comfort level when you are wearing the shoe.


The shoe is well designed so that your feet stay safe and secure. You can depend on this pair from Under Armor for a high level of traction in the field in all directions. The TPU cleat sheet is built for stability and traction.


5. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe


There are several good features built into the well-designed Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid football shoe. The heel is raised so that you can run backwards with ease. These cleats feel very light to wear since they are made up of lightweight synthetics.


The inner material is knitted to provide plenty of comfort and support. The inner material is designed to withstand wear. The rubber sole is resistant to wear. The sole has been kept wide for increased stability.


The Adidas Freak X is an impressive pair of football cleats for running backs. One thing to note about the ankle and heel support is that it allows you to maximize the stability and traction that you need for dealing with your rivals on the field. The studs are designed to give you plenty of traction so that you don’t slide backwards when grappling with the opposition.


The heel lining provides you with comfort and support. The tall collar helps you to improve your stability. Hence, you can maintain better balance when you are making quick moves on the pitch. Stopping quickly and turning rapidly is made easier thanks to the footrest design.


You will also be pleased with the durability these cleats offer. Since this pair is made of premium and strong materials, it can last for the entire season. There is the right level of reinforcement to maximize traction. This is great for maximizing your speed in all directions.


These are one of the best football cleats for running backs that Adidas has made. The well-molded EVA insole provides you with plenty of comfort.


6. Under Armour Men’s Blur Select Low Mc Football Shoe


The Under Armor brand has made a great pair of cleats in the form of the top-rated Under Armor Men’s Blur Select Mc football shoes. These unique football cleats leverage a number of technologies for good performance at high speeds.


What you will like about this pair is that it has many good reviews. The Under Armor Men’s Blur Select provides you with high levels of traction and comfort.


The pair counts as one of the best football cleats for running backs. When you look closely at these cleats you will find that its appearance is a unique blend of old-school and contemporary designs.  The traditional design incorporates a few modern features.


The upper part of the shoe is highly pliable, which adds to your comfort. Since these shoes are so light, then feel like sprint shoes. A  flexible collar on top t keeps the shoe firmly bound to your feet. It also gives protection to your ankles.


If you want football cleats that maximize speed and agility, then you can depend on the top-rated Under Armor Men’s Blur Select Low Mc.


7. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat


If you want football cleats that are durable and lightweight at the same time, then you count on Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football cleats for top performance. The upper part of the shoe is made up of synthetic leather. This choice of material aids in comfort as well as lightness.


The shoe design allows for plenty of ankle support. The material used in this pair is strong and light in weight. The pair contains a plate made of carbon fiber that strongly holds the 14 studs to give traction and control when you are running.


The upper part of the shoe is designed so that you can insert your foot smoothly without straining. The synthetic material used for this pair is wear-resistant and visually appealing.


You can easily run fast and make quick turns wearing these best football cleats for running backs. These cleats are designed so that you can perform well on the field and display plenty of speed and agility. Although these shoes are strong, they do not compromise on lightness.


Types of Cleats for Running Backs

1. High-Collar Football Cleats

Running backs normally don’t prefer cleats with high collars. This is because such cleats are often too heavy and bulky for them. This kind of cleat can slow you down. Hence, running backs prefer lighter cleats.


2. Low-Collar Football Cleats

This kind of shoe does not extend too high above the ankle and thus resembles soccer shoes. One downside of this configuration is that there is less protection for your foot. However, the low-cut variety is lighter and thus great for fast running and cutting. Players in skill positions often go for this type of cleat. Since it does not have an extended top, it allows easier movement.


3. Medium-Collar Football Cleats

Medium-collar football cleats provide decent ankle support and don’t get in the way. Running backs like the mid-cut collar cleat since it provides ankle support without slowing you down.


Our Final Thoughts

If you are a running back, then you should look out for certain factors in your cleats like stability, aerodynamics, weight and strength. Adidas, Nike and Under Armour make some of the best football cleats for running backs.


The Nike Vapor and Untouchable, in particular, are made up of thin yet strong material. So while your feet get good protection, these shoes are not heavy and thus won’t slow you down. Since the running back needs a lot of speed and agility, they should select footwear that escalates speed so that they can get in the end zone more easily.