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Best Football Cleats for Ankle Support

Best football cleats for ankle support

It’s no secret that a good pair of football cleats can carry you in the end zone when the game is on the line, and it is already the fourth quarter. Whether you are a quarterback looking to make a big difference in your performance or a defensive back who needs more traction on the field, the best football cleats for ankle support can help lead you to victory while reducing the risk of season-ending injuries.


All cleats for football have similar anatomy – they all consist of an upper, midsole, outsole, studs, and heel. However, despite the similar general design, each cleat is different than the other. Therefore, you must always select a pair that has been specifically crafted for the position you play or the shape of your foot, as it will promise you maximum comfort and support while enhancing your performance on-field.


Unfortunately, football players are at a high risk of ankle injuries. In case you have are worried about spraining your ankle during a particularly aggressive tackle or are anxious about your recently healed ankle regressing to its earlier condition, you should consider investing in football cleats with ankle support.


To help you find the ideal footwear option, we have put together a list of the best football cleats for ankle support that you can easily order online. Before we discuss our top picks, let’s briefly talk about the most frequent ankle injuries in football and tips on protecting this critical part of your body during the game.


Common Ankle Injuries in Football

Both professional and rookie players are susceptible to these ankle injuries while training and playing alike.


Lateral Ligament Injury

It is considered one of the most frequently occurring sports-related injuries in athletes around the world.


A lateral ligament injury is a term used for inversion ankle sprains, where the foot rolls inwards following a tackle or due to a misstep. Typically, a sprain is relatively benign and can be treated in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, if the injury is too severe, it may take months of rehabilitation for a player to get back on their feet. In the worst-case scenario, it may even result in a complete rupture.


Osteochondral Lesions

A common result of severe ankle sprains, osteochondral lesions can technically occur in any joint. However, these lesions are vastly common in the knee and ankle when it comes to football players. This injury takes place when the cartilage lining the joint is frequently damaged, resulting in a tear or fracture.


It usually starts with a bruise followed by cartilage softening and then a crack in the surface. In rare cases, a cyst may form in the cartilage.


Plantar Fasciitis

Repetitive strain injury to the ligament of the sole can lead to plantar fasciitis. It typically happens when players undergo excessive training that requires running and jumping on artificial surfaces. Inadequate footwear and sudden increase in activity are among the leading contributors to this plantar fasciitis.


Achilles Tendinopathy

Repetitive strain injury to the Achilles tendon can result in Achilles tendinopathy – and it can take months or years to recover from it completely. A stiff Achilles tendon is the biggest reason behind this injury. The excessive compression on the tendon after the repetitive release of energy can start with localized inflammation and end with a rupture.


Football players are at a greater risk of sustaining this type of injury as the sports require a lot of running, tackle, and footwork.


Broken Ankle

More commonly referred to as a fracture, a broken ankle may range from a fine crack in one bone to several breaks in multiple bones that make up the joint. Depending on its severity, one may be able to walk with slight discomfort, while others may not be able to stand or put weight on the injured foot for a few months.


To put it simply, the more bones that are broken, the longer it takes to heal. Moreover, an ankle fracture may also result in ligament damage, which can be extremely painful and keep one of their feet for quite some time.


How to Protect Your Ankles During Football Season?

Follow these tips to keep your ankles safe and sound while indulging in your favorite sports.


Wear Tape

Athletes who play contact sports like football are recommended to tape their feet and ankles in order to prevent a painful injury. Ankle taping can protect the ligament and joint from harm while providing the player with stability. In addition, it can help one recover from ankle sprain and bruises while keeping them on the field.


Ankle Brace

While it is usual for linemen to wear ankle braces, those holding other positions can also utilize this product to prevent ankle sprains and other injuries. These braces play a crucial role in taking pressure off ankles when the players are waiting for the hike in their athletic stance.


Proper Cleats

Wearing proper footwear is arguably more important than taping your feet or wearing ankle braces. The right cleats for football can significantly reduce the risk of an ankle injury and allow players to deliver outstanding results.


If you are looking for football cleats with ankle support, consider choosing between mid-cut and high-cut options. The mid-cut cleats provide ankle support to the player without restricting their movement. They are ideal for almost all positions, including quarterbacks, linebackers, and running backs.


Meanwhile, high-cut cleats lace all the way above the ankle and provide the most support to those recovering from previous injury or bruise. However, this type of footwear can restrict the mobility of the player. Hence, it is considered ideal for linemen, who have a high-contact role and need the most protection.


5 Best Football Cleats for Ankle Support

Here are the best football cleats for ankle support for almost every budget and foot size.


1. Under Armour Boys’ Highlight RM Jr. Football Shoe


Do you want to make sure your future MVP is all equipped to take on the other team in the minor league without hurting themselves in the process? If your answer is yes, you should consider buying them the proper footwear that fits their position and foot size. Some parents and guardians end up buying football cleats that are a size larger for their child, hoping they would grow into it. However, wearing cleats that are bigger than your feet can sometimes cause more damage than not wearing them at all.


Under Armour Boys’ Highlight, RM Jr. Football Cleats is an excellent option for the little ones enthusiastic about the sport. The footwear offers excellent support to help young linemen and other positions display unstoppable speed on the field and help their team succeed. These cleats for football have a high-cut design, meaning they provide brilliant ankle support. They are also lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay fresh and active while scoring the win.


This footwear comprises a synthetic upper paired with a textile collar for durable support, better fit, and improved mobility. Moreover, the design includes an open-hold mesh tongue for increased ventilation and a die-cut EVA sock liner for enhanced comfort. Under Armour Boys’ Highlight RM Jr. Football Cleats also promise aggressive traction, making them one of the best options for young athletes.


2. Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 Football Cleats

(ASIN: B07V8CCR69)

Those in the market for football cleats with ankle support cannot miss out on Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2. This pro-level footwear has been designed for multidirectional threats, giving players the speed and stability they require to carry their teams to triumph. The versatile design comprises a fly-knit upper for superior fit and additional breathability. The flexible material also promises maximum comfort while ensuring high agility.


With Nike being one of the top footwear brands worldwide, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of its products. The innovative design of these cleats is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating footwear that will give the players a head start on the field without affecting their speed.


Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 Football Cleats are also equipped with a heel strap and a hook-and-loop closure, ensuring comfort and snug fit. The pull tab at the tongue and heel also allows athletes to put on and take off their cleats easily. Another great thing about this footwear is its full-length Phylon midsole, offering supreme underfoot cushioning. In addition, the patented propulsion plate warrants a responsive feel, whereas the outsole plate enhances flexibility and supports football propulsion.


3. Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM Men’s Football Cleats

(ASIN: B07RL627RR)

The mid-cut Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM Men’s Football Cleats offer ankle support while promising maximum comfort and sport. Whether you are training for the upcoming season or competing with your rivals on the field, this brilliantly designed footwear will help you stay in the zone as you help your team score the winning point.


These football cleats with ankle support feature a synthetic upper with screen-print overlay combined with a lace-up front that promises a snug fit without restricting your movements. The three-piece panel with a padded collar at the back is also beneficial for athletes. It offers soft cushioning to the ankle while protecting the sensitive joint from any damage.


That’s not all. The comfy insole also provides additional padding, while the full-length EVA midsole guarantees utmost relaxation. Furthermore, the lightweight and breathable Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM Men’s Football Cleats come with rubber molded studs on the outsole for enhanced traction on the field.


4. Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats


Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Men’s Football Cleats are popular among athletes due to their secure support, aesthetically pleasing design, and durability.  The responsive traction offered by this footwear is bound to take your on-field performance to the next level while providing the utmost protection to your ankle and feet. The upgraded design is made of fabric and synthetic materials that are both lightweight and durable, while the snug fit ensures your feet remain in place and you don’t lose balance even during sharp cuts.


One of the most popular cleats for football, this footwear comprises a synthetic upper with a fabric layer for maximum comfort. In addition, the hook-and-loop closure is further secured with a strap, which not only keeps your cleat from accidentally coming off during the game but also ensures a proper fit. Meanwhile, the expertly crafted tongue wraps from the lateral side all the way to the arch, thus making the product a perfect fit for versatile and agile players.


The lightweight cushioning paired with molding at the toe makes Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 Mid Men’s shoes are a must-have for all football players looking for football cleats with ankle support. It also comprises a TPU propulsion plate, padded collar, and pull tab.


5. Under Armour Men’s Hammer D Football Cleats


Up your game with Under Armour Men’s Hammer D Football Cleats – one of the best football cleats for ankle support that will increase your mobility while protecting you from sprains and injuries. It is one of the most suitable (and cost-effective) options for linemen, as their mid-top heights ensure ankle lockdown while the super-light build supports quick movements that no one would see coming.


This footwear is made from a combination cast PU and features a textile upper for the ultimate blend of breathability and protection. Athletes can wear these cleats for hours during intense practice and on-field during a high-pressure game. Moreover, the full-length patented charged cushioning promises comfort under your feet, while the trademarked SuperFoam insole absorbs shock.


Under Armour Men’s Hammer D Football Cleats also comes with detachable studs. That means you can easily replace them when they wear down, breathing a new life into your football footwear. In addition, these studs have been mainly designed for enhanced traction on natural surfaces. So, if you have an important game coming up soon, you might want to consider investing in a pair of these cleats.


Our Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed on the field, it is essential to buy the right pair of cleats for football to increase your speed and help you stay upright during quick cuts.


Our list of the best football cleats for ankle support features both mid-cut and high-cut options. So, regardless of which position you play, we hope that this guide will assist you in finding the perfect footwear that fits all your needs and budget requirements.