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Best Football Cleat for Wide Feet

football player wearing cleats

If you’ve seen football, you probably know the number of injuries that football players can get. But an injury to a football player’s feet is the most dangerous one of all. Football players need to protect their feet during practice and games. That’s why you see football players wearing cleats.


Cleats are protrusions present on the outsole of football shoes. They were originally created to protect the player’s feet. Initially, cleats were made with metal in the 1800s, but these days you’ll find them made of leather or rubber.


With time, the cleats evolved, and today, they provide a strong grip to players and prevent them from falling when playing on slippery ground. You’ll find different types of football cleats. In this article, we’ll discuss the best football cleat for wide feet.


Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Finding a pair of football cleats for players with wide feet is a difficult task. But if you know what to look for, the process can become relatively easy. Let’s look at some of the main things that you should look for in football cleats for wide feet:


The Cleat Cut

When looking for the best football cleat for wide feet, it’s important to consider the cleat cut. There are three basic types of cuts, these are:

  1. Low-cut: Low-cut cleats are the most commonly available type. Even though they’re comfortable, they’re not the best when it comes to providing proper coverage to your ankle area. In short, they’re not suitable for football players with wide feet. But if you do end up buying one, make sure that it fits right.
  2. Mid-Cut: Mid-cut cleats offer high mobility and are better suited for wide feet. They provide better ankle support that prevents injuries while playing. Defensive backs, running backs, and wide receivers can also benefit from mid-cut cleats.
  3. High-Cut: Although players with wide feet can use high-cut cleats, they aren’t as popular. They are made with the most material out of all three cuts and are more suitable for linemen.


To sum up, mid-cut cleats are the perfect choice for players with wide feet.


Material Type

The material plays a huge role in the durability and performance of the cleats. Mostly, cleats are either made of leather, synthetic material, or a combination of both.


Leather cleats are the most suitable for wide feet as they offer high durability and are better at accommodating broad feet. This is because leather cleats can expand as time passes. The only drawback is that they’re very expensive.


The second option is synthetic cleats, which are mostly made of rubber. They’re an affordable option, but the problem is their durability. Synthetic cleats don’t last as long as leather cleats. If you’re in the beginning stages of your football career, you can start with synthetic cleats, but for full-time use, synthetic cleats aren’t suitable.


If you want high-quality cleats at a reasonable price, you can opt for the third option, i.e., a combination of leather and synthetic cleats. They offer more durability than synthetic cleats and are cost-effective.


Comfort Level

To ensure an optimum level of comfort, players with wide feet should look for wide cleats. A narrow cleat can hinder your performance and might cause cuts and blisters. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need to put your foot comfort as a priority.


The Soleplate

The soleplate is narrow for fast speed, but a narrow soleplate can make players with wide feet susceptible to injuries. This makes finding the perfect soleplate for wide feet a little tricky.


You need to ensure that your cleats aren’t too broad but comfortable at the same time. You don’t want to compromise on either thing, so find a middle ground for both.


Size of Cleats

Like the shoe size, cleat size is also an important factor to consider when purchasing football cleats. The cleat size should fit perfectly in your feet without causing any pain or discomfort.


Narrow football cleats can be painful for wide feet; make sure that your cleats are of the right size. Moreover, your cleats should prevent you from slipping back, front, or sideways.


Try to shop from retailers that have a return policy, so if there’s any discomfort or pain, you can immediately return the cleats without any trouble.


Football Cleats Features

Now that you know the key aspects of football cleats that you should keep an eye out for, let’s now look at some of the key features of football cleats that will help prevent injuries and improve your overall performance.



Traction is extremely important when it comes to football cleats. It’s best to choose the cleats that offer the most traction. In simpler terms, traction is the ability of your cleats to prevent slippage. Both rubber and leather cleats offer excellent traction and aid in improving the speed.


While your cleats should provide you with a grip, they should give you room for moving freely.


Anke Support

Ankle support is extremely important for football players. Try to look for shoes that have an ankle collar to minimize the risk of injuries. Midfoot and heel support is also important for maintaining balance and making efficient foot strikes.



Foot ventilation is very important for football players. Over-heated feet can cause discomfort, which can directly affect your performance. If you want to keep your performance top-notch, look for shoes that have an open mesh. The open mesh allows air to flow in and out easily, which helps maintain the foot temperature and keeps it comfortable.


The 7 Best Football Cleat for Wide Feet

Since football cleats are expensive, you don’t want to end up with the wrong ones. Keep the factors mentioned above in mind the next time you shop for football cleats for wide feet. That said, there are plenty of options to choose from, which makes it difficult to find the right pair for your feet.


For your ease, we’ve compiled a list of the best football cleat for wide feet. Here are our top 7 picks:

1. Adidas Men’s Freak Carbon Cleats Football Shoe (Amazon ASIN Number B08MY5BY2W)

These mid-cut cleats by Adidas are perfect for players with wide feet. Since they are made with rubber, the cleats provide mid-sole cushioning. The thermoplastic urethane upper makes the cleats highly durable and breathable.


They are available in a variety of colors and styles, combining aesthetics with functionality. They provide exceptional stability and traction, making them ideal for use during practice and actual games.


2. Nike Vapor Edge Shark Men’s Football Cleat (Amazon ASIN Number B07ZM4LNNZ)

Made with a rubber sole, these football cleats by Nike are extremely flexible and help players move naturally. The durable cleats are comfortable for wide feet and are easy to break-in. The soft cushioning makes the cleats ergonomic.


The cleats provide extra support and traction during games and have perforations on the instep. This ensures ventilation and provides breathability to your feet.


They are available in all sizes and in two colors, black and white. All in all, they’re a complete package making them the best football cleat for wide feet.


3. GTY Men’s Soccer Boots Football Cleats (Amazon ASIN Number B091Q69GVN)

If you want high speed combined with comfort, these are the football cleats you’re looking for. Because they’re made with a combination of leather and rubber, these football cleats are perfect for wide feet.


The light-weight rubber sheet is thick around the midsole that provides extra comfort. Besides football, these cleats can also be used when traveling because of how comfortable they are.


The arrangements of the cleats enhance the overall performance and give the players a boost of speed. It’s excellent for gaining momentum and making high-speed turns during games.


The high-top collar provides extra ankle support, which prevents injuries. Moreover, they provide an excellent grip during matches so that the player doesn’t fall or slip in any way.


4. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid Jr. Rm Baseball Shoe (Amazon ASIN Number B06X9W5MXQ)

These football cleats have a synthetic sole and a leather upper, providing extra durability and comfort as soon as you step into them.


They are available in all sizes and have five vibrant colors, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. They are equipped with an open mesh that keeps your foot ventilated, ensuring that your foot remains cool and dry throughout the day.


The full-length midsole is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA for short, which provides extra cushioning and comfort. The mid-sole ensures that cleat pressure is distributed evenly throughout the shoes, so these football cleats are perfect for wide feet.


The rubber cleats are great for providing a strong grip, traction, and high speed on all surfaces.


5. HaloTeam Men’s Soccer Turf Cleats (Amazon ASIN Number B09BR8ZGGM)

Perfect cushioning combined with reinforcement protection and efficient grip technology has made this pair of cleats rank in our list of the best football cleat for wide feet.


The light and flexible shoes are made of synthetic leather, which makes them durable and flexible. These are all the qualities of great football cleats. It comes with a non-slip rubber sole which provides a strong grip and allows easy movements as well.


The outsole is stitched to the upper, which provides exceptional durability. The product has a good overall finishing. Available in all sizes, it comes in four attractive colors.


6. Qzzsmy Men’s Athletic Soccer Football Cleats (Amazon ASIN Number B092ZVK458)

If you want explosive power combined with high speed, these are the football cleats you’re looking for. They are made with a 50/50 combination of polyurethane and rubber. The upper is made of leather which makes the shoes breathable and offers foot comfort during matches.


The rubber sole provides excellent grip on grass and other playing fields. Moreover, they are equipped with a fly-knit, mesh-designed sock mouth that makes it easy for you to put the shoes on or take them off. It also gives ankle support which prevents injuries. The cleat arrangement allows you to run at high speed and make fast turns.


Available in different sizes, these football cleats are available in two different styles. The rubber cleats are soft and prevent slippage. They are also very comfortable, especially for wide feet.


7. Joypak Men’s Soccer Cleats Football Boots (Amazon ASIN Number B0948528F1)

These breathable football cleats are especially useful for players with wide feet. They come with an open mesh that regulates the foot temperature during intense games and keeps your foot dry.


Because of the combination of leather and rubber, these football cleats offer non-slip technology and are suitable for improving your speed. The flexible outsole provides extra control and exceptional grip. You can play on any field without having to worry about falling or losing your footing.


These football cleats are excellent traction providers and effectively support your ankle area. The sock mouth collar makes it easy to put on or take off the cleats in one swift motion.


Our Final Thoughts

These were the seven best football cleats for wide feet. The next time you go shopping for football cleats, you’ll know exactly which ones to look for.


To sum up, you need to find cleats with a mid-cut made of either leather or a combination of leather and rubber. Moreover, the cleats should be comfortable, pick the right size, not too broad and not too narrow. Keep these factors in mind, and besides this, you should always remember that the best football cleat for wide feet is the one that provides comfort, traction, and ankle support. If your cleats are even the slightest bit uncomfortable or hinder your movement in any way, you should return them immediately and choose a pair that covers all your football needs.