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Best Ankle Braces For Football

Football Ankle Injury

Football is among the favorite sports for many around the world. Aside from diligently following all matches on screen, many people love playing on the field, whether it is college or high school varsity, junior league, or community teams.


While it is one of the most entertaining and exciting sports, it also comes with certain dangers to the players. It is crucial to protect yourself with the right gear to avoid potential injuries. However, no matter how much you take care of, certain injuries are bound to happen.


Ankle injuries are the most common injuries on the football field. Around 50 to 80% of football-related injuries affect the legs and feet, of which 40 to 45% involve foot pain or ankle injuries. Ankle braces provide excellent support for ankle injuries, reduce pain, and help in recovery.


When looking for right ankle support, it is important to ensure you invest in the best ankle braces for football that meet your needs for quick recovery.


12 Best Ankle Braces For Football

Here are some of the top ankle braces that can provide efficient support for football injury:

1. Compression Ankle Brace – Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel Lace-Up Ankle Support


The Shock Doctor Ultra Ankle Support provides a compression lace-up system that works well with compression socks on.  It offers support and lasting comfort throughout the day. The lacing loop system creates added support.


The material of the ankle brace is a combination of nylon, polyester, and latex, which provides flexibility and better mobility that is needed off and on the field. The support can easily fit inside your cleats or shoes.


2. MEDIZED® Ankle Brace, Stabilizer, Lace Up Adjustable Support, Stirrup Compression

ASIN: B01C1C3N30

Medized Lace Up Ankle Support is one of the best ankle braces for football available. It is also suitable for other high-impact sports and activities, like basketball and volleyball. This ankle support uses a slimmer material that makes it perfect to use with cleats.


It provides the right stability for enhanced performance and faster healing. The two straps create a figure eight that efficiently supports and protects the ankle. It also includes two side stabilizers with non-stretch stabilizing straps.


3. McDavid Ankle Brace, Ankle Support, Lace up Ankle Brace, Ankle Support Brace for Ankle Sprains, Volleyball, Basketball


The McDavid Ankle Brace is one of the most effective ankle supports for football. It is breathable, flexible, and lightweight. One of the best things about this ankle support is that it can be used on both feet and isn’t for a specific foot as most of the other supports.


The lace allows the support to snugly fit on your ankle to improve comfort and reduce the chances of other injuries. It can even be used without an injury as a precaution to prevent any ankle sprains or injuries.


4. Zamst A2-DX Strong Ankle Brace Active Ankle Stabilizer Brace with Three Way Support, Ankle Sprain Support for Men and Women

ASIN: B0090Q207G

The Zamst Ankle Brace is hinged ankle support that offers outstanding support and stability to your ankle. The brace has been created using dual molded EXO grid support technology that increases lateral and medial stability.


It includes adjustable fasteners that allow you to select the right size to experience variable compression, improved comfort, and individualized fit. The brace also features an X strap design that gives you three-way medial, lateral, and anterior support for better protection.


5. Adidas Adizero Speedwrap Right Ankle Brace


Adidas Adizero Ankle Brace is another one of the best ankle braces for football injuries or sprains. This brace is specifically designed for football players and other athletes who want to prevent ankle injuries or sprains.


It is made with lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials to provide more comfort and decrease friction and heat and lateral space to protect against heel injuries. Moreover, this ankle support also includes anti-slip zones that lock your foot and provide added protection layer against any injuries.


These anti-slip zones prove highly useful when you wear this brace with the shows. The moisture-wicking fabric helps in keeping the brace odor-free, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.


6. Active Ankle Volt Ankle Brace, Rigid Ankle Stabilizer for Protection & Sprain Support for Volleyball, Cheerleading, Football, Braces to Wear Over Compression Socks or Sleeves for Stability

ASIN: B0059230E2

The Active Ankle Volt Brace has a reinforced plate that provides you with complete ankle injury or sprain support. It has a molded bearing hinge design that offers natural and smooth mobility by decreasing joint friction. This also provides a wider range of motion.


It is extremely lightweight and breathable, making it easier and comfortable to wear with cleats or shoes. It also includes a single strap that provides an option for dual fastening that properly secures your ankle by offering an individualized and snug fit.


Moreover, the bottom plate is created with carbon fiber that provides additional support and strength that you might need, without the need to increase the ankle brace weight.


7. McDavid Ankle Support with Strap


McDavid Ankle Support with Strap is another effective ankle brace for football that is comfortable and lightweight. This brace comes with a wide strap that allows you to secure the support in place. This strap also gives added protection and support that is needed during the play. It is comfortable and offers compression that ensures you avoid straining your ankle or foot.


The material used to create this ankle brace is breathable and light. It uses a 1/8” thick neoprene that gives you therapeutic compression and heat retention. The material is durable and light, which means you can easily wear the brace with a show or cleats.


8. Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace for Injured Ankle Protection and Sprain Support

ASIN: B005922EAS

The Active Ankle T1 Brace is another one of the best ankle braces for football that helps prevent ankle injuries and sprains. It includes a rigid brace for outstanding protection and support. It also includes a strapping system that keeps your foot in place.


This brace can be used on both feet, which means it isn’t restricted to either your left or right ankle. It has a U-shaped design that eliminates the pressure on your ankle joint and offers better support. Moreover, its bilateral anatomical hinge gives you a full range of motion for your foot.


It also has a neoprene padded for added comfort throughout the training.


9. McDavid 195 Level 3 Max Protection Ankle Brace with Strap


McDavid 195 Level 3 Ankle Brace is yet another outstanding ankle support by McDavid. It includes laced straps to provide you with the maximum ankle support while holding your ankle in place during your training.


This is a special ankle brace as it helps stimulate the support that is usually provided with an athletic tape. It is created with breathable and durable nylon materials to ensure you stay comfortable and cool during the game. The brace has an arch support sewn-in, padded lining, and an elastic heel that adds to the comfort and stability while also enhancing mobility.


The straps are created with shock-absorbent materials, offering both protection and support. The ankle support can be used on both ankles.


10. Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace


Aircast AirSport ankle support brace is impressive ankle support that reduces the chances of sprains and injuries while facilitating recovery. This brace has foam-filled air cells and a semi-rigid shell to offer moderate comfort, compression, and support.


The anterior talofibular (ATF) shin and forefoot wraps and cross strap give you added stabilization and compression. It has a unique and easy step-in design, as well as automatic heel adjustment for ease of use.


The brace is made with breathable fabrics to ensure your ankles and feet stay cool and dry during intense training and harsh weather. The breathability of the fabrics also sweats to escape easily, which further enhances the comfort level of this brace.


While this brace provides you with stability and strain prevention, it also gives you a wider range of motion to prevent hindering any movement.


11. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer


The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer is one of the most effective ankle support available for football players. It is also suitable for other athletics. It comes with stabilizing straps that create an eight-figure for complete support and protection. It has ballistic nylon that enhances strength and increases durability.


The brace has an elastic cuff closure that provides additional support and keeps the straps and laces secure. Its bilateral design allows you to wear this brace on both feet without specifying it to a particular foot.


12. Active Ankle AS1 Pro Lace Up Ankle Brace, Ankle Stabilizer for Protection & Sprain Support


The Active Ankle AS1 Ankle Brace comes with a lace-up design that provides outstanding support to your ankle, protects you from potential injuries, and keeps your ankle flexible, secure, and stable. While it is ideal for wearing during your training and practices, it isn’t recommended for all-day wear.


It comes with dual straps to offer superior protection and support. The brace is not only suitable for football but can be used for all intense activities for improved flexibility and stability of the ankle.


Top Three Factors to Choose the Best Ankle Braces for Football

You have gone through a list of the top ankle braces that provide great support and stability. However, if you want to select the best ankle braces for football injuries or strain, it is essential that you make the selection based on your needs and requirements.


When it comes to football, all the ankle supports offer different benefits. It is crucial to select the one that gives you proper stability without disrupting your practice or training. To make it easier for you to take your pick, here are some important factors highlighted that can help you make the right decision:


Stable Support

There is no point of ankle support if they don’t provide you with the right support. You must ensure that the ankle support you select for football offers rollover protection to prevent the rolling of your ankle during the game.


Rolling of the ankle is the most common ankle injury caused in a football match. Therefore, select the brace that provides you added protection and comfort to prevent your foot from rolling inwards or outwards.


Low Bulk

For most footballers, great ankle support is the one that has a slim brace and low-bulk. The brace must be lightweight and breathable to provide you with maximum stability and mobility. Bulky braces would result in a sprain or pain and also ruin the fit of your football shows.


Football players spend years learning to control the ball with their feet. You don’t have to spend more time trying to learn that again with excessive padding of ankle support. Therefore, find one that is lightweight and has low bulk.


Enhanced Comfort

This factor is linked with the last factor but is crucial when it comes to selecting the right ankle brace. You need to find an ankle brace that offers breathability and softer materials. The right football brace comes with stays on either side to avoid adding any rigid materials.


These are supportive stays that enable the brace to be created with breathable and cooling materials to keep you comfortable throughout your game.


Our Final Thoughts

Ankle injuries and sprains are the most common problem for football players. Fibula and tibia fractures, high ankle sprains, lateral and medial ankle sprains are all conditions that can lead to long-lasting problems. Therefore, an ankle brace is crucial for all players.


Ankle braces support the ankle, as well as the lower leg, to avoid any occurrences of such conditions. The right ankle brace is the one that is made with durable and lightweight material, keeping you comfortable. With these best ankle braces for football, you can easily pick the one that works for you the best.


McDavid creates some of the popular and effective ankle braces for football, but it is important to select the one that is right for you. By selecting the right brace, you can avoid football-related injuries and conditions, ensuring you give your best to your practice and training.