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Best ACL Knee Braces for Football

Best ACL Knee Braces for Football

Football is America’s most popular sport. Unfortunately, football is also the sport that carries the highest risk of potential injury to players. Concussions, Quad, hamstring, and groin strains, Hip pointers, and shoulder dislocations are common injuries for football players. The most prevalent injury among these is knee injuries, especially torn ACLs.


If you are a football player, having one of the best ACL knee braces for football should be on top of your football equipment list. A knee brace will ensure your knee is protected at all times. Knee injuries are so common in football because of the nature of the game. Football is all about strength and speed and involves continuous tackles, sharp cuts, and lateral movements, all of which cause different kinds of strain on your knees.


Does an ACL Knee Brace Really Help?

There are three main reasons why you should consider buying and using an ACL knee brace. The first reason to wear one is after returning from a knee injury; an ACL knee brace would provide a lot of stability to your knee. After an injury, your knee is weak, the stability is reduced, and the knee could give way to even bigger injuries when playing football again.


The second reason people wear ACL knee braces is that they are recommended to be worn following knee surgery. After an ACL surgery, your knee needs a lot of protection and stability to continue to heal properly. The ligaments in your knee require up to 12 weeks to heal, and a knee brace offers protection during these weeks to make sure your knee doesn’t get damaged again.


The third, final, and most common reason for wearing an ACL knee brace is to prevent injuries. Wearing a knee brace decreases the potential of your knees getting injured. Almost all ACL injuries in football occur without any contact and are sustained because your knee is under too much stress or force. By wearing an ACL knee brace, you can change the way these forces act on your knee and reduce the risks of injury by a lot.


The Best ACL Knee Braces for Football

If you are looking to buy an ACL knee brace to protect your knee, we would recommend doing some research first. If you research and compare, you will see different kinds of knee braces, all with varying protection levels, and some even serve different football positions. Below are our picks of the best ACL knee braces for football players in 2022!


DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Brace


If you have ever been a football player, you probably already know about DonJoy. They are one of the most reliable names in sports equipment, and the DonJoy Legend SE-4 knee brace is a great option for anyone.


It is one of the strongest ACL knee braces offering very good protection. DonJoy uses their patented 4-point dynamic leverage system in the SE-4 designed to support and reduce strain on the ACL. There is also the PCL or combined instability version available of this brace to support and offer protection to other parts of your knee.


The DonJoy Legend SE-4 ACL knee brace is a very sleek brace with a very low-profile design and can be worn easily. The material used in its manufacture is also high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum making it one of the strongest ACL knee braces available today.


Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace With Bilateral Hinges


Shock Doctor is another well-known name in the protection and performance products world and is well-trusted by medical professionals. The Shock Doctor hinged knee brace is a great knee brace that offers both comfort and a high level of protection.


The brace was designed for people returning from ACL surgeries but can be used for preventative support too. The knee brace is advertised to support, prevent injury and heal ACL and PCL injuries, hyperextensions, and medial and lateral instability. The bilateral hinges in the brace offer excellent stability and protection to your knees.


The Shock Doctor knee brace is packed full of various features and designs. It features an X-Fit strap system, which allows the brace to fit comfortably. The support hinges stop hyperextension and absorb impact forces on the knee. The knee brace also features the N-Tex moisture-wicking neoprene vents that provide breathability and allow airflow into the brace to keep your knee as comfortable as possible and improve heat regulation.


Donjoy Performance Bionic Fullstop ACL Knee Brace


Another admirable and recommended ACL knee brace by DonJoy is the Performance Bionic Fullstop ACL knee brace. Football players of any position can wear the Fullstop knee brace.


The Fullstop ACL knee brace provides support and protection to the ACL and also prevents it from any future injuries. The Fullstop hinges on the brace dampen the forces your knee experiences during a game and also prevents hyperextension. The hinges are designed to also provide stability to the joints with its patented 4-point leverage system.


The hinge technology used in this knee brace offers incredible protection and helps the user avoid any movements that could potentially cause injuries to the knee. The brace is also designed to prevent too much hotness in the knee as it is designed to control and regulate heat and compression. The Fullstop also features adjustable straps for maximum comfort and anti-migration technology that prevents the knee brace from slipping or moving. You can play without worrying about the knee brace too much.


Our Final Thoughts

Before you go ahead and purchase what you like off our list of best ACL knee braces for football players, there are a few things to keep in mind. First is the size of your knee brace. All braces have a sizing chart available with them to help you make your purchase; just make sure to measure correctly before buying a knee brace. Some knee braces require measurements of your thigh and calf along with the knees to get the perfect fit.


You should also consider how much protection you need for the kind of game you play. While the braces in our list all offer the maximum level of protection, which is level 3, knee braces also have other protection ranges. If you are just looking for a knee brace to prevent potential injuries, you might be better off with a level 1 knee brace, which offers the least support but would still help.